Reliable SMTP Email Delivery Services

Great deliverability rates and track transactional emails SMTP services from your eCommerce website, CRM and external web/mobile application system.


Right solution for your system

RightCampaign offers you the amazing tools and support you need to ensure that your email gets delivered to your audience inbox.

Ecommerce Website

Boost your eCommerce business, you can send transactional email related your product and service that keep your audience engaged and buying with high deliverability.

Personalize templates and immediate deliverability

Optimize transactional emails with our SMTP and best possibility of personalizing your transactional email templates with dynamic content and design. The deliverability for your transactional emails with high performance in sending email and ensure that your emails get delivery to your audience inbox on time


Trouble Free Email Setup with SMTP Services

  • Boost email deliverability
  • Configure multiple SMTP accounts
  • Send emails with attachments up-to 10 MB
  • Simple to create a database of recipients
  • Your send queue is shared with RightCampaign
  • Reliable SMTP Relay for email delivery
  • Reliable SMTP Relay for email delivery
  • Free Signup & easy to integrate with any application
  • Advanced analytics and real-time email tracking
  • Detailed email logs to diagnose email delivery issues
  • Increased deliverability features to reduce bounce rates, spam complaints and unsubscription rate.
  • Inbound routes and parsing.
  • Validate your email address to increase delivery rates.

Fast & Easy Integration

You can easily setup & integrate with any application and start sending messages via SMTP Relay. RightCampaign as it only requires modifying your SMTP configuration. Simply plug your SMTP credentials into your application without additional API integration.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring report of all your transactional email KPI’s, such as deliverability, click rate, open rate, and much more.

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