Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition, Face Identification, and Face Authentication

Building Unique Identity Solutions

Rightcapture is a highly accurate, deep learning based end-to-end facial recognition solution that uses a stored database by capturing images to detect, recognize and record individual faces that appear in a camera view for real-time identification.

Rightcapture build with advanced algorithm and techniques, which identifies and matches an individual’s specific features with accurate detail. Recognition of faces from a video stream and is an excellent solution with both active and passive recognition features that enhances safety and security while providing a robust and flexible tool for staff.

Instantly Identify Known Threats

Powerful Recognition

System can recognize multiple face detection from multiple cameras simultaneously in real-time with advance algorithm techniques and capture each individuals face images in view of video camera.

Database Performance

A search can be done in real-time from existing video surveillance systems and maintains high performance matching against vast databases for all instances across individual locations.

Mobile Alerts

Operators can easily access live video streams and control cameras on their smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android) and also receive instant surveillance match alerts.

Network effect

Cloud and on-premise – an affordable solution for all your bandwidth monitoring needs ever before. Identify individuals, patterns and trends across thousands of geo-locations

Powerful and Easy-to-Use Technology

Extensive Device Support

Threat Detection and Response

Real Time Alerts

Cross Location- Intelligence

Identity Authentication

Easy Integration

Business Process Management

Winning customer love

Create and maintain amazing customer relationships by automatically keeping track of all customer information with the help of Rightcapture and create lasting relationships with them.

Clarity in communication

Customers don’t have to repeat, and reps can use historical context to quickly take conversations forward.

More business opportunities

You can tap into the rich context in RightCRM to cross-sell and up-sell smarter. Your deals are always alive; they’re just waiting to become bigger.

Enhanced relationships with customers

From prospect to lead to customer, their journey is captured in the RightCRM. These insights put you in a better position to recognize people, their needs, and how your business can work for them.

Our Solutions

Our unique face recognition platform seamlessly integrates with your existing business applications, across a wide range of industries.