Software built to enhance your cleaning business

Transform your cleaning business – Easy manage jobs, scheduling, customers & invoice, sales, payments, customer service reporting and team management on any device using geofence alerts and GPS tracking.

Get complete job management software for cleaning business

1. Online Booking
2. Scheduling & Tracking

3. Job Management
4. Invoice

5. Payment
6. Customer Management (CRM)

Key Features

Streamline business operations in one unified platform.

Mobile Apps

Quick and effective communication with field crews through a dedicated Android and iOS app. Customers will also be able to experience the ease of availing services through our beautiful hybrid mobile app.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Simply auto-schedule multiple jobs with RightClean by finding the nearest right technician to the customer site with the appropriate skills and scheduling the task, the dispatch is quick, efficient, reduce travel time and increasing productivity.

GPS Tracking

No more expensive hardware required, use any iOS or Android device to monitor your field technician location efficiently with the help of GPS tracking to ensure that there’s no delay in reaching the job site.

Easy Online Booking Software

Be at your customer’s fingertips and make online booking easy 24/7 with our cleaning service software.

  • Your customers can conveniently book their appointments 24/7 online with simple login options.
  • Offer real-time pricing when customers book online cleaning service.
  • Show your customers their preferred choices using advance filters details.
  • Manage your booking as per availability.
  • Book from anywhere anytime from any device.

Cleaning Appointment Scheduling and Tracking

Be more productive with scheduling and tracking software. Easy service appointments for your field cleaning crew with our powerful shared calendar and task management tools

  • Mobile access for field crew, with cleaning appointment reminders, important information, and location map.
  • Personalize calendar appearance with color coding and filters
  • Provide your customers to choose the pickup date and time-slot as per their convenience
  • Automatically assign the tasks to the available cleaners.
  • Reschedule appointment with easy drag-and-drop calendar.
  • Allow your customers in real-time by tracking service professional exact location.

Cleaning Business Job Management Software

Powerful cleaning business job management feature at your fingertips – Simple task automation, scheduling job, customizable processes, invoicing customers and collecting payment

  • Easy configure job screen with location, line items, and visit details
  • Job scheduling and dispatching
  • Check in and track time during each visit of your field employees in real time
  • Take photos before and after each visit
  • Track field service activity even when offline such as work order contact details, service tasks and more.

Create Invoice instantly for Cleaning Jobs

Converts job details from your schedule into customer-friendly invoices and automatically follows up on overdue invoice payments.

  • Quickly create Invoices instantly without any hassle before or after the visit
  • Send professional and company branded invoices to clients
  • Track and sends a customized email or text follow-up to customers reminding them to pay their outstanding invoice.
  • Push invoices to your accounting system in one click

Track and Accept Online Payments Instantly

Allow customers to pay via multiple payment options, anywhere, anytime with easy accounting system.

  • Track all payments in one place
  • Let the customer view & pay the invoice online
  • Accept credit card payments online or over the phone
  • Push payments to your accounting system
  • Delight your customers with the automatically generated receipts.

Customer management Software (CRM)

Build and maintain long-term relationships with customers by our Management Software

  • See and manage all your customer communication in one place
  • Communicate with customers via email, phone call or text messages
  • Securely store customer agreements and documents in one place
  • Understand your customer’s behaviour & target them with your new offerings.
  • Retain customers creating promo codes, discounts, and coupons offers and track their usage and performance.

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Increased mobile workforce productivity

GPS tracking and Geofencing

Geofencing on the real-time GPS tracking system, automatically track real-time crew location where they have been during work hours from everywhere with simple job costing reports for specific job.

  • Timer to auto-start and stop based on GPS location allows employees arrival and departures from a job site
  • Create unlimited geofences and see routes taken and time spent at each Job site
  • Provide real time visibility into field crews / employee
  • Send more accurate payments with detailed time cards
  • Automated time cards minimize admin work

3D Microlocations

Using 3D microlocations and GPS – Improve safety, efficiency in the workplace smoothly with people and their environments!

  • Simply identify the exact position of your workers or employees punches even within buildings
  • Get pinpoint accuracy of every biometric record along with 3D Microlocations
  • From any devices

Facial Recognition

With RightClean mobile app for real time facial recognition – Simply automate staff attendance on the road and location tracking of your field staff.

  • Get modern biometrics on any smartphone device with complete functionality online/ offline
  • Your field crew can clock in and clock out quickly in seconds.
  • Simple GPS time clock for employee tracking
  • Easy monitors and manage your field crew in real time across multi-location from any device
  • Receive location based alerts on SMS or push notification

Grow Your Business 5X Faster

Outbound Power Dialer

  • Make hundreds of calls per day quickly using the power dialer
  • Set up call list in just one click
  • Simply customize call settings and make outbound calls to almost 200+ countries
  • Superior sound quality without any “dead air”
  • Call notes
  • Voicemail drop
  • Set up follow-up tasks or appointment in just one click
  • Simple CRM Integration

Text Marketing

  • Create and manage rich SMS templates
  • Send personalize text messages to individuals or groups of people
  • Customize text offers with just one click to suit your needs

Email Marketing for Cleaning Services

  • Create and manage your email templates with merge fields
  • Send personalize email and messages with appointment link to your calendar
  • Text messages with a/b testing
  • Auto-respond timely
  • Engage leads with an email and text sequence

Social Marketing for Cleaning Services

  • Schedule your posts in advance using social media calendar
  • Reply to all your social media comments
  • Generate more quality leads from social media
  • Create contents with minimal effort
  • Detailed insights into your social media reach

Capture Online Leads and Appointments

  • Create a lead generation landing pages with embedded forms
  • Design web forms to collect data from website visitor
  • Capture leads directly into CRM
  • Send automated follow-up emails
  • Assign a campaign to captured leads

Create and Send Estimates Online

  • Quickly create accurate estimates with all work details from the field or from the office
  • Send professional estimates with your company branding in minute
  • Get your estimates approved online
  • Convert approved estimates to invoices
  • Work on a PC or mobile device

Integrate with the tools and workflows that you already use

You can connect RightClean easily with the software tools you are already using everyday. You don’t have to change the way you work, but improve it using RightClean!

Cleaning Business Mobile App

Provide your cleaning crew with everything they need in the field to deliver perfect service anytime, anywhere with customer information. Give them real-time GPS directions to their next appointment.

Affordable pricing for all shapes and sizes

“RightClean cleaning business software” specially designed for cleaners with all of the features you need to run your cleaning business from anywhere at an affordable price no matter your business size

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