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maintain hassle-free bookings


Manage Your Field Service Teams More Efficiently

RightClean packed with advanced features that help you to schedule appointments, dispatch, billing, inventory management, getting paid, and everything in between. Impress your customers by going paperless is effectively save time.

Mobile Apps

Quick and effective communication with field crews through a dedicated Android and iOS app. Customers will also be able to experience the ease of availing services through our beautiful hybrid mobile app.

Scheduling & Dispatch

Simply auto-schedule multiple jobs with RightClean by finding the nearest right technician to the customer site with the appropriate skills and scheduling the task, the dispatch is quick, efficient, reduce travel time and increasing productivity.

GPS Tracking

No more expensive hardware required, use any iOS or Android device to monitor your field technician location efficiently with the help of GPS tracking to ensure that there’s no delay in reaching the job site.


Simple one-click access from the mobile app to maintain detailed timesheets of the time spent on jobs, without having to trouble yourself with pile of paperwork. Simply gain clarity, save time and take control - with less effort.


RightClean makes reporting simple, review your business performance in detailed using intuitive interface and many advanced dashboard features comes with. RightClean generates in-depth reports to help you monitor your business effectively.

Offline Access

Stay productive without internet access with just the right information to complete their field service workflow. Field technician can view, create and update records offline and gets stored offline securely and once you get back online it will auto-synchronized.


Bring automation to your workflows with eSignatures help customers to authenticate their transactions and confirm the quality of services served right from RightClean mobile app.

Photo Capturing

Capturing unlimited photos before and after cleaning for easy reference in assessing the tasks performed by field crew more efficiently, thereby improving customer experience and satisfaction.

Notifications / Alerts

Automated Email and SMS notifications alert for appointments. Technicians will receive push notification on new work order available on their mobile device and can deal with the job at hand punctually.

Streamline your Workflow to Maximize Efficiency

Automated Job Creation

RightClean smartly scan and read customer email requests to create Job details automatically. Easily automate your data workflow by saving a lot more time, boost productivity, and grow revenue.

Work Order Management

RightClean efficiently create and manage various work order, monitor real-time status and customizable interface options for your specific needs.

Route Tracking History

Get clear over view of your every field technician’s past record efficiently. Route history features provides you the ability to capture multiple route and bahavior related data.

Job Cost Tracking

You can track every job costs conveniently. RightClean provides real-time detailed cost analysis that summarizes labour, material cost, other expenses and supplier orders.

Billing and Invoicing

Quickly generates detailed professional invoices and bill anytime, anywhere from any device without any hassle of re-entering data the second time. Simply customize your template, add you company logo, signature, photos, notes and more.

Inventory Management

Inventory management has all of the features you need to stay in control of your inventory to track parts & components used for small and growing business effectively manage their inventory across multi-channels.

End-to-end Job Management


Configure all elements from custom fields to regional settings, and can be customized completely to suit your unique business needs.


The integration is quick and easy setup, and once you’ve connected your Quickbooks account, RightClean will automatically transfer your data into the bookkeeping accounts of your choice with a push of a button.

Customer Portal

Customers easily submit and track service requests, find quick answers to common questions, view product updates and information, and engage with other customers with just a few clicks.

Team Management

Manage your team’s schedule, bookings more efficiently without any hassle. RightClean provide you multiple security levels for better and efficient team management.

Customer Management

Manage customer information and complete work order history with RightClean customer relation management facility. Regularly update your CRM records with all customer and service data and you can track it without any hassle.


The portal loaded with all essential information to run an effective operation. RightClean dashboard provides a robust overview of real and accurate data to make better business decisions.


Automatically your customers will receive real time job status and invoice details through text (SMS) and email, customer can easily communicate with technicians smoothly via SMS.

Data Storage Security

Secure your confidential data with the simple ad convenient storage facilities, you need not worry about safety and security of your data storage.

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