Get the stunning chatbots for your website

Thechatbots qualifies and converting the anonymous website visitors into qualifies lead by engaging them in a conversation rather than forced to fill out, boring and time-consuming form on website.

Chatbots for website

Your website is the face of your business’ online presence. It is the first impression that you give to your potential customers. Once people find you online, they’ll visit your website to take action and want to know more about your product and service. Chatbots can help your customers find what they want to buy quickly, resolve issues fast and get what they need, In order to
meet these customer requirements, you need AI.

Install chatbots

You can build, integrate, and launch RightChat on your website landing page within a few minutes. Additionally, it leverage data collected by RightChat and the automatically port them into your CRM, marketing automation, and email platforms. Once deployed, you can live chat with potential customers 24×7 and deliver better customer service.

Book meetings

Your visitors can easily book more meetings or appointments24x7straight from your website. Meetings are automatically routed to your sales team’s by connecting to calendars based on your routing rules that you define, replica rolex deepsea for sale and then automatically receive follow up reminder when that meeting is getting closer, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any meeting.

Connects with Google & Office 365 Calendar

Grow your business smarter with bots

Create Chatbot

Build your own chatbot using drag and drop chabot without any coding skills or technical knowledge.

Chatbot for website

Build chatbot with ease. Engage your website visitors naturally — through seamless conversations and collect all contact details in real-time to save as a lead.


Dashboards are a great way to display what's important in just one place. You can see monitor and detail reports, export them into CSV, analyzing key metrics such as conversion and interaction.

Facebook messenger chatbot to your website

Facebook messenger chatbot (live chat) to your website ensures you build your subscriber list and instantly communicate with your website visitors through instants messages

Highly Interactive

Delight your customers with our highly interactive chatbot templates, images, GIFs and videos to create a chatbot for website that can engage your website visitors.

Natural Language Processing

AI powered chatbot for website. The advanced machine learning algorithms in natural language processing allow chatbot to learn and understand human like conversation effortlessly.

Welcome messages to delight your customers

AI powered Chatbot trained to greet website visitors and quickly capture visitor’s attention. RightChat helps visitors to choose from options by framing multiple choice questions and requests to provide the services of the website.

Multilingual support

Build and trained your RightChat multilingual chatbot to communicate with your customers. Choose the best that suits your needs.

Conversational landing Pages

Engage your website visitors in meaningful conversational to deliver better customer' experiences and increases the chances of converting them into your leads.

Chatbot integrations

Get the qualified leads and conversation data automatically transferred from your chatbot to the CRM, whether you use Salesforce, Hubspot, Fresh works, Zoho, Marketo and more.

Build a chatbot for website in few minutes

  1. Create a FREE RightChat account and build your chatbot for website
  2. Simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop conversation flow design tool add relevant questions and customize everything about your bots.
  3. Copy paste the chatbot using HTML code, plugin for WordPress to get a chatbot on your website
  4. Get instant email notifications and live chat with visitors in real time.

Benefits of Chabot for your website

Generate more leads

Build conversations to collect contact information like name, email addresses, phone numbers and more about the customer. Enable visitors to fill out the form for more information using website chatbot.

Convert qualified leads into sales

Engage website visitors with personalized conversions and generate more qualified leads and convert them into sales at a high conversion rate.

Promote content smartly

Chatbot initiate human like conversation to understand user preferences and boost customer engagement by simply promoting the right content and answering FAQ in real-time and redirect the user to specific page on your website.

Provide customer support

Use chatbots for your website by answering customer queries without making them wait, and provide 24x7 customer supports in real time with personalized conversation and make the customer journey more pleasant and productive.

Highlight product and services

Showcase best seller product and service in front of the customers and sell more. Make suggestions of similar product or service related questions and increase conversions.

Offer discount coupon & promo code

AI chatbot for website provide personalized offers, discounts, and coupon for flash sales and boost customers to complete their purchases, reduce cart abandonment rates, increase sales and generate more revenue.

Book appointments

Let your customers’ book appointments in your calendar with your team online from your website chatbot window while chatting and get it in their calendar as an invitation and automated appointment reminders.

Better understand your customers

Export users’ contact data from chatbot to excel or CSV file for future campaigns. Developing rich customer profiles of your customer behavior segments and reveals more detail about your target audience.

Start connecting instantly and converting more today