The most flexible chatbot platform to take your business to the next level

Everything you need to build your own chatbot from scratch.

No-code chatbot builder

Meet your easy, no-code chatbot builder for seamless conversation on your website. Choose from multiple bot response formats and actions to create engaging great chatbot experiences.

End-to-end testing

Once you build, test and fine tune your bot on all preferred channels. Cross browser, mobile app, social messenger and device before they connect with users.

Customizable chat widget

Chatbots on your website with just a few quick clicks by using their free chat widget. Customize its look and feel to match your brand’s style and website design.

Messaging platform

Connect and engage with customers on their favourite messaging platform like website, mobile, native apps, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Multilingual customer support

RightChat support35+different languages to customize your messenger to help multilingual users feel native while accessing the app.

Creating Campaigns

Create a targeted campaigns across channels. Send proactive messages and engage your prospects and customers in real time.

Automate FAQs

Build a searchable FAQ page and help users get the answer by themselves, without the need to contact support.

Available 24X7

Chatbots don’t need any breaks, holiday and can therefore stay always on. Your customers get assistance anytime, anywhere, wherever they are.

Improve your team productivity and efficiency

Custom Chatbot integration

Seamlessly connect all your favourite plug-ins and platforms you need, get all in one place.

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Smart canned responses

Respond quickly to a customer common questions or issues that help reduce response times and boost customer satisfaction.

Team Inbox

A single Inbox to access all customer conversations, all in one place. Third-party apps to quickly resolve customer issues - No more wasting time in switching between Inboxes.

Custom bulk actions

Simultaneously perform multiple conversation, whereas team member at once - like add, edit, resolve, and delete.

Real time auto-translate

Automatically detect and translate live chat conversation back and forth between the user and the agent in real time in their preferred language.

More than just live chat

Lead capture form

Never miss a chance and gather contact information of customers by using in-chat lead capture form.

Welcome messages

Create custom welcome message for your live chat and send it to your visitors automatically.


Always be available to respond to customers even when your agents are offline by configuring awaymessages.

Greeting Messages

Automatically greet your customer to drive personalized conversations when they arrive to your website.

Live chat widgetbranding

Make your live chat fit with your brand identity, color, font, and size and customize the appearance of your live chat widget to match your brand.

Better manage your team with role-based access control

Roles and permission

Assign roles to team members and customize permissions based on their roles.

Take & assign conversations

Auto-assign conversations to agent or group members based on their skill levels and load.

Custom APIs

Make RightChat your own by designing apps according to your business requirements.

Custom Reporting

Custom reports and analytics especially curated for you based on the need.

Analytics and reporting for better customer support

Real time reporting dashboard

Get a holistic view of your overall team performance in real time using an impressive reporting dashboard.

Agent performance report

Analyze and act upon each agent’s performance in real time with chat volume, customer satisfaction, and agent activity.

Bot analytics

Analyze and improve your bot performance by using the actionable bot reporting.

Downloadable reports

Download all reports of your datain a wide range of formats for sharing and conduct deeper analysis.

Bot insights

Monitor, analyze and improve your bot by learning which phrases are unanswered questions by your chatbot.

CSAT Ratings

Track and measure the overall customer satisfaction and your team's performance.

Book a demo

Talk to a RightChat expert to know more.

• Free 14-day trial • No credit card required • No coding skills needed

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