Enhancing Customer Relationships with AI

Boost your customer support experience, enhance efficiency and productivity, create better customer engagement, and superior customer self-service experience with RightChat AI.

Meet RightChat, your AI-powered assistant

RightChat AI assistant is advanced customer service platforms that automatically engage every prospect in real time, qualify them, and route only qualified leads to right sales reps. AI Assistant arrange demo meetings with quality leads into your sales rep’s calendar with complete conversation trail, and also proactively reach out to old leads that have turned cold and get them back to the funnel. RightChat AI help you get done more and make your job easy.

AI chatbot can improve your team performance and efficiency

AI for CX

Create truly human-centered customer engagement platform that delight your customers across multiple touchpoints in their journey and deliver experiences at scale.

AI for CRM

Build an effective sales team from scratch to predict the future performance with deep insights, intelligent recommendations, and automate tedious and repetitive sales tasks.

AI for Customer Service

Automate customer support using multiple communication channels, protect your business and personalized support without waiting time

AI-powered customer service solutions

Chatbot uses AI to deliver better support, engage, anytime, anywhere, across voice and digital channels

Work faster, better and smarter

RightChat Artificial Intelligence is true genius – Solve customer’s problems quickly and accurately with smart suggestions using information from your knowledge base powered by natural language processing, and free up your support agents to handle more challenging work. RightChat AI not only creates effortless experience but also create new range of business opportunity.

Automation, quickly identify and resolve issues

Focus on more important tasks by automating workflows for common request with machine learning to save time. RightChat machine learning takes the guesswork out of your work. AI automatically analyze historical data in real time from past customer interaction to either find the best response quickly for instant issue resolution or seamless hand-off the conversation to a live human agent when the bot is unable to help a customer.

Lost time is never found again

Get full situational and 360 degree directional awareness of your customers— all in one platform that leverages its complete historical records of every activity with the customer journey to make accurate predictions of the future.

Make better decisions with predictive sales analytics

Meet RightChat your personal sales assistant. It combines the power of AI and data analytics to provide real-time actionable insights, analyses your CRM data to make accurate sales forecasts, and automate all your routine and reduce repetitive tasks so your sales reps focus on winning clients – closing more deals.

Maximize customer engagement effectively

Carry out contextual conversations and take customer engagement to the next level with RightChat AI-powered bots just the way you want and deliver seamless customer experience and delight your customers to increase their loyalty.

Why RightChat AI?

Instantly engage all your prospects and customers with personalized conversations at scale-24/7/365.
Ensure all your leads are qualified, nurtured and schedule appointment for your sales reps with the prospects.

Make simple and effective CX a reality

24×7 self-service availability

Automate up to 70% of customer support requests

Minimize customer support costs

Transforming your business with RightChat AI:

Confidently get answers to your questions and see why RightChat is the best platform for your business.

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