Stay Connect with Every Users and Build Real-time Interactive Mobile App

Successfully run your marketing campaigns where the conversation is happening. Designing, broadcasting, automate the messages and schedule campaigns on social media, and simplify one-to-many real-time communication on demand.

Powerful Collaboration and Communication Platform for Advanced Messaging App

Build collaboration hub for work where conversations happen. RightCampaign provides a high scalable chat SDK and messaging API for both mobile apps and websites to build real-time messaging. Our effective messaging SDK has advanced features and range up to support millions of users without any messages queues. Enhance your experience with feature-enriched chat application with specific messaging possibilities. Fascinate your customers with private, group or public chat rooms.

1-to1 or Group chat

In real time send & receive text messages, images, audio, videos, location sharing and much more, to one or many users.

Presence - Message Status

Real time Presence updates like; online status, message typing, message sent, deliver and read etc, that increase interactivity in conversation.

Cross-Platform SDKs

Empower the messaging experience on android, iPhone/IPad, mobile web SDKs along with REST APIs.

Push Notification

Deliver important notifications updates in a more personal way to the users in real time across all devices.

Screen Sharing

Enhanced communication and collaboration – enable other person to view live video, sharing file, online meeting and much more. On your desktop and smartphone

Broadcast Messages

Schedule and broadcast your campaigns based on users discussion and updates within the application and drive highest level of user engagement.

Documents Transfer

Simply share multi-format file to multi users or multiple groups within your chat application to maintain your workflow smoothly.

Contacts and Conversations

Sync and manage multiple business contacts, send personalized texts with each of your subscribers in real time and reschedule cancelled appointments.

Meet Endless Possibilities

Voice and Video Communication

Experience the real-time voice & video call/chat applications with high performance on any platform and device using WebRTC signalling for user engagement, while having the ability to support multiple languages. We provide seamless integration with powerful SDKs and APIs for better and faster workflow.

Voice Communication

Conversation can happen anywhere – Make, receive, manage and route calls around the world using the voice API. Create new lines of communication -embed SIP or VoIP and manage calls to browser, an app, your phone to experience the voice chat quality.

Conference Call
One-to-one call
Cross-platform Calling

Video Communication

Video calling deliver high quality and low-latency one-on-one or Group video calls/chat app and helps all growing startup to enterprise enhance their customer experience and support all industry.

Video Conference
One- to-many
Browser Support

Create beautiful messages

Easy and intuitive – Our visual editor makes it easy to design beautiful and responsive message, no coding and technical knowledge required. Just connect your page to create gorgeous, mobile-friendly campaigns in just few seconds!

Grow your database with multichannel forms

Welcome new subscribers to your channels now easier than ever, design your opt-in form are fully customizable you can change color, font, style everything as per your requirement and set activation rules to build your contact list and collect subscriptions to your Emails, SMS, and Facebook messenger etc., all at once. And set-up automated Thanking and Welcome messages to your new subscriber for signing up

Broadcast your News

Let your audience know about your company, latest news, upcoming live videos, events and product launches dates and much more. In a few simple steps you can schedule a live broadcast up-to one week in advance and your subscribers can join your lobby few minutes before your brand begins.

Marketing automation

Reach hidden customers, our platform allow you to reach them across multiple channels automatically, you can design automated communications flows to send notification alert to target your customers through email, SMS, social media, our automation tools help you to keep them engaged and automatically drive revenue

User Behavioural Analytics

Create marketing campaigns and take user engagement to the next level. Get detailed about analysis on campaign performance – impressions, clicks, conversions and user engagement. Derive valuable customers insight to make smarter decisions and act faster.

Simplify Real-time Communication On Demand Industries

Honest Conversations Derive More Value and Opportunity to Get Success in your Business.



Live Broadcasting



Media & Entertainment

Fortified Chat Experience

We Provide End-to-End Security, Privacy, and Confidentiality transfer all messages

End to End Encryption (E2EE)

Create fortified blocks to keep your conversations away from prying eyes. Ensure that information is transferred securely between users

AES Encryption

Build the entire app with AES-256 standard to prevent your chat data from being hacked and generating unique encryption keys to all users.

Powerful Authorization

Multiple authentication, prevent unauthorized users to the chat app’ data and remain as a firewall to protect your confidential information.

SSL Encryption

With 256-bit SSL encryption, ensures the entire data transferred between the app and servers is being locked, remain safe and secure.

Be the Best!

Quickly build fast and secure Chat, Video & Audio calling apps that supports on any platform for millions of Users