Connect with your customers in real time. Instantly

Live chat software for your website, mobile app to initiate conversation with website visitors in real time and turn visitors into customers. Boost your customer experience with a great first impression and build trust at every stage of the customer journey.

All-in-one customer engagement with contextual conversational

Make it easy for marketing, sales, and support teams to connect with customers through
personalised conversations that build trust and grow revenue.

Makes it easy to deliver fast, efficient and personalized customer service

Deliver highly personalizes customer service in real time without losing the quality of conversation.

Unlock new channels for conversational commence such as SMS, email, social media and more.

Initiate a chat conversation with your website visitors and app users proactively to maximize the opportunities

Monitor your website traffic and be there when visitors need you most.

Never miss a chat again with our live chat software

Connect with your customers on the go – start conversations with a customer and grow your business any time anywhere,
no matter where you go, using RightChat live chat app for Android and iOS.

Follow-up email after no response

If a customer steps away from the conversation and doesn’t see your message, live chat automatically sends a follow-up message to their emailto answer their question, where they can continue the conversation.

Chat conversations continue

When the customer return to your websitechat widget, they can pick up the conversation right from where they left off, without losing the track of end user conversation. No need to start the conversation and repeat themselves all over again.

Intelligent, interactive conversations, anywhere

Deliver customer service messaging on all the top digital channels with live chat, automatically answer to customer’s questions and simplify their customer journeys with our no-code chatbot builder.

  • Manage all communications channels in one place with personalize self-service customer support on your website, mobile app, and across digital messaging channels such as messenger, email, Twitter,Whatsappand SMS—with enhanced capabilities.
  • Build and create powerful chatbots with no code. Engage visitors and increase customer experience in real-time.
  • Bring insights to action with all-in-one AI next-gen of digital conversation intelligence to enable sales and support teams.

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Enable live chats on your landing page

Add a live chat window to your landing page in just one click, engage with page visitors in real time, and support customers at any time of the day and night.

  • Add a chat window to your landing pages
  • Proactively engage with your prospects and customers in real time
  • Provide 24×7 customer support.

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Multilingual live chat that translation in real-time

RightChat live chat automatically translates any chat messages to your native language in real time, quickly and comfortably.

  • Seamlessly communicate with customers in over 100 languages
  • Supporting the highest standards of customer experience on the global stage.
  • Reduce the hassle of your customers in contacting your support team.

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Save time with automation

Automate your daily routine customer support, repetitive tasks, save time for your agents, and help them focus on important tasks with advanced automations.

  • Use RightChat easy-to-configure live chat automation rules to engage more customers and speed up your workflow.
  • Automatically greet customers and send custom messages based on visitor behavior.
  • Automatically route customer chats to the appropriate department and resolve customer challenges faster.
  • Boost customer satisfaction by automating customer servicing, appointment bookings and account management.

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Collect customer feedback effectively from your website live chat app

Use a live chat for customer satisfaction survey; customers rate the experience they had in a support interaction and filter your way to the most relevant insights.

  • Real time customer feedback enables businesses to ask questions or survey customers immediately after a customer interaction in different methods
  • Feedback data help you understand customer difficulties as they are experienced, and giving your business a chance to fulfil concerns immediately.
  • Customer feedback can provide extremely valuable insights that help you build stronger relationships, reduce churn and increase customer satisfaction.

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Improve your chat performance and histories

Take action based on user behavior, see what they’re chatting about, and how often.

  • Monitor closely your active and finished chats conversations.
  • Measure the visitors data, analyze the average response time and chat duration.
  • Create actionable segments with ease in your account

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Integrate with your favorite software

Live chat is great for your business, simple and easy to connect with your sales, marketing, and support process.
Integrate live chat software with the tools you already use and link dozens of popular third party apps and services.

Drive your business growth to the next level with RightChat

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