Grow your sales with Chatbot

Boost engagement throughout the customer journey to achieve your business goals and improve the overall customer experience to grow revenue and meet your sales targets with fast onboarding and lead generation features.

Chatbots for sale

Chatbots make it easy to provide great customer service, eventually resulting in increased sales. Businesses are always looking for ways to convert more traffic into leads and drive more traffic to your website from content, social media, email newsletter or more. To generate leads every user interface guide customers to a landing page where they can choose to provide their contact information, only if they fit the requirements, then, they are qualified as a lead.

Today, many businesses have started to implement live chat options on their websites. The automatic pop-up proactively reach out to visitors, great replica watches engage and encourage visitors to start a conversation based on their behavior during the onsite journey and convert more leads. Live chat not only do your conversion rates increase, but it can also build great relationship with prospects because it helps the company increase efficiency and productivity by giving customers instant answers and responses to simple questions at any time of day or night and engage visitors with interesting information or direct them to a human agent when such need arises. With a 24×7 live chat, you never miss out on potential customers – even if you’re off the clock. You can offer great personal service in real time and thus achieve the best possible customer experience.

Supercharge your sales funnels with chatbots

Trigger messages

Trigger message is automated calls-to-action to engage your visitors across the web based on their actions and the stage they’re at in the customer journey. Trigger messages are similar to pop-up displays that appear when visitors enter a website - it’s like a tiny website living within the chat widget, and offer only one-way communication. Chatbots deliver highly personalized, contextual, self-service interactions with customers without hiding the page contents.

Automatically escalate cases to live agents

Chatbots seamlesslye scalate the chat issue or request to a live chat agent based on customer intent. There are some cases where chatbot diverts to an agent to ensure a superior customer experience, angry or/and frustrated customers, high priority for quick resolution, user repeats the same query and ignoring the bot responses, and sensitive or complex issues beyond the abilities of a chatbot.

Integrate your Chatbot with CRM

Chatbots help businesses to capture and qualify leads. These all leads automatically send to the CRM without the need for human intervention. This makes sales teams to keep track of leads, stay productive, focused, and motivated.

Automatically schedule sales meetings easier

With chatbots, make your work more efficient by automating your meetings. You can conveniently integrate with your favourite third party apps and tools such as Google, Microsoft 36, Outlook, or iCloud calendars so that your prospects stay up-to-date with your available time slots without any hassle, receive notification alerts and reminders, so you’ll never miss an opportunity and stay productive all the time.

Turning website visitors into leads and sales

Chatbots transform the communication between business and its customers. With the proper lead gen strategies, you can grow your business and increase customer lifetime value.

The more people who visit your website the more potential customers you will have, if nurtured properly. Chatbots can enhance lead generation, qualification and conversion is one of the key features that distinguish it from other chatbots. A great chatbots can ask questions throughout the buyer’s journey and provide immediately respond to any inquiry and get to know the user and create a lead. Consequently, it stores customer contact information and lead scoring data.

Automate your entire sales funnel

Drive customers more efficiently at every stage of the sales funnel.

Lead generation

Proactively engage with your website visitors by providing relevant information to grab their attention, initiate call to action and convert them into leads.

Lead qualification

Capture visitors contact info and qualify leads in real time by asking some qualifying questions and hands-over leads to sales based on the answer.

Lead conversion

Chatbots automate entire stage of the customer’s journey - guiding from buying to on-boarding. Chatbots make it easy to find information when visitors make online purchase decision, set up for payments and provide essential details.

Focus on closing deals, not chasing leads

Automates lead engagement, qualifying leads and schedule meetings –increase the productivity and selling time of your sales team.

AI-Powered Conversations

Your AI chatbot work independently without the assistance of a human operator. It understands and responses to specific queries and problems in a natural way.

Meeting No-Show Follow-Up

Automate no-show follow-ups sequence to reschedule ghosting meeting and re-engage prospects who miss meetings with a click.

Out-Of-Office Follow-Up

Automatically sends out-of-office follows-up message at the right time, freeing up to four hours per week, per rep.

Meeting Scheduling

Automatically quality and schedules sales meetings directly into your rep’s calendar once a lead is qualified.

Increase productivity

Automate workflows and save your agents valuable time from repetitive and mundane tasks. The agent can then focus on more crucial and productive work.