Generate more qualified leads with chatbot marketing

Never miss an opportunity to convert website visitors or prospects into leads. Learn more about how chatbots can improve your conversion rates with chatbot marketing.

Chatbots for marketing

Chatbot marketing is a revolutionary new way to grow your business by generating more contacts and consequently more qualified leads. Marketers have always been one of the first adopters of any new tech trend. Businesses focus on promoting their brand product or services to capture the target audience’s attention and better reach potential customers on platforms that they are already using – through email, phone call, and live chat or messaging app, brands need to keep up with the latest trends.

Build better relationships through real-time communication and get more happy customers. As the virtual marketing representative chatbot marketing can modernize your business. Chatbots can solve the list of problems that marketers face and help businesses acquire customers more easily than live human agents –generate more qualified leads, offer multiple engagement touch points, run personalized campaigns, and improve customer experience.

Increasing customer engagement through chatbots marketing

Improved Customer Service

With chatbots, customers can address any issues they are having without having to wait on hold to speak to a customer service rep, so there’s less of a frustration factor. Chatbots can help businesses improve customer service and engage customers at different points in the sales journey. This means that businesses can help more people in less time and increase their overall sales numbers.

Increased Customer Engagement

Chatbots can help connect visitors to your business and can keep them engaged, ensuring they stay on your site longer and have a better chance of becoming a loyal customer. Chatbots help to automate highly time-consuming, repetitive tasks, eliminating human errors, improve performance and optimizing operational cost. The best part about the chatbots will automatically send updates, notification, and reminders based on a set of predefined conditions, so you don’t have to do any extra work.
This way chatbots resolve most basic customer queries efficiently. That frees your live agents up to deal with more complex issues.

Better Lead Generation

Chatbots are perfectly tools that help marketers to connect and engage in conversation with the user to casually ask for contact information and other questions (usually by offering incentives such as discounts or free resources). Chatbots can provide a variety of marketing channel messages depending on who they are talking to and what kinds of questions they are asking.

Cost Savings

Chatbots help businesses to save customer service costs while improving customer experience. Chatbots are a form of technology that use artificial intelligence to simulate a real-life conversation you have with another human user by imitating natural language, which means that you can get everything from simple answers to complicated questions and more.

24/7 availability

Another greatest advantage to chatbots is their availability and fast responses rate. Whether it is day or night! Chatbots constantly engage customers by responding to their questions in real-time, reducing response time, through their customer journey and increase your sales and revenues, something that human agents can’t do.

Provide Personalization

Chatbots have been programmed to provide a personalized customer experience, tailoring the conversation to match the customer’s exact need. Chatbot uses natural language processing services to understand customer intent, and guides them to their desired outcome with as little work for the end user as possible. Chatbots offer solutions for every stage of the buyer's journey and recommend the best possible next source of action depending on their need.

Make your Business stand out from the crowd

Create your business brand ambassadoror personal assistant, strengthen your company’s brand image and build trust. An effective brand experience will create valuable interactions between the brand and/or products and services and the user.

Look and feel

Personalize your chatbots by customizing the design, color, style and conversational element that perfectly match your brand.

Chatbots personality

Create chatbot personality represent your brand identity on a personal level and complements your brand experience.

Seamlessly deliver human like experience

AI-powered conversational marketing platform – Connect and engage with your prospects
across border from various sources in one place.

Automatically Engage Leads

Marketing automation tools automate within your CRM can trigger follow-up and nurture leads.

Qualify Marketing Leads

Set criteria for lead qualification, thanks to AI tool that can streamline the lead qualifying process faster.

Questions and Answer

Get fast, AI-powered answers to your most common questions 24/7 quickly and accurately.

Schedule Meetings

Automatically qualifies the leads and schedules a meeting directly into your rep’s calendar