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SMS Campaign

Highly flexible and customizable solution

Simply customize your SMS platform based on your contacts exercises, interest or personal information like; Email, SMS Messages, and Social Media.  You can allow sending multi part messages and inserting a link to a landing page to show your special offers or taking customers to your website. ReterApp campaign builder is easy to use, packed full of features and designed to grow with your business.

Contact Database

It is simple and less time consuming to send bulk SMS by selecting your existing contact list via excel sheet, where you can upload, add or edit or manage all your contacts to streamline sending messages.


Create User-Friendly Landing Page for SMS

With the drag & drop editor, you can easily create a beautiful mobile-optimized page dedicated to your products and services! No Coding Knowledge needs. Include the promotions or special offers with clickable link in your SMS and mailings: your recipients just need to tap link on their smartphones to view.

Double Efficiency

Increase marketing productivity while unlocking the potential of multi-channel marketing (MCM) by integrating Email and SMS campaigns to offer unique customer experience and simply maintains active connection with your customers by sending promotional text messages.

Multilingual Message

You can easily create and send automate marketing sms messages in any regional language and text reads perfectly on any device. Our powerful platform gives you the complete opportunity to build your business conversation in your style and make deliver your messages to the people all over the world faster and secure.

API & Integration

Our APIs give you the opportunity to connect and integrate the platform with external databases like; ERP, CRM, CMS, eCommerce and any other external application for better communication and best workflows management to improve business efficiencies.

Advance Features

High Performance SMS

We deliver robust features with perfect combination of flexibility, simplicity to extend your reach with endless resources.

SMS Delivery Rate

We assure our clients with 100% delivery rate and more than 90% messages will deliver in less than 10secs easily to the users.


This is for single way communication with your customers. Use our shared short-code or purchase your own vanity code, activation can take up to 24 hours.

Audio Record

No matter where you are, you can send Voice Messages even without any Internet connection or mobile phone coverage through ReterApp up to 10 thousands of simultaneous users.


User-friendly you can easily convert your text message into any regional language speech, or any audio or video clip message into any regional language text for quick understanding.

Upload files & Send

Instant include any file such as Images, PDFs, documents and more in your message send it through from your iOS and Android smartphone devices.

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