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Sending Perfect Email

You can easily create stunning and responsive mobile optimized email campaign in just a few clicks; without any coding knowledge. With A/B testing option, analytical reports, and full control over your email campaign performance.

Email Marketing Campaigns

You can send millions of customized and professional emails with our advanced tools and services to launch your email campaigns across the world according to your business requirement, safe and reliable.

Ready-to-use newsletter templates

Simply select our pre-designed newsletter template from the gallery or you can import your own HTML templates and customize it the way you like.

Ease of Use

Customize every component of your email template using our drag-and-drop email editor makes it easier than ever to build responsive email and mobile optimized page, our pixel perfect customization from fonts to colors, rolex deepsea replica manage and arrange images, tables, and calls-to-action to create stunning and impressive emails in minutes that match your business brand.

Unlimited Recipients

You can add or upload unlimited recipient list into the RightCampaign mailing platform and send perfect email: it makes no difference whether your database has one hundred or thousand or one million contacts.

Email Deliverability Suite

Boost the ROI email campaign performances, with advanced personalized configuration and continuous consultation with effective solutions.


Our SMTP works with your desire email platform. Reliable deliverability and tracking to send transactional emails services with on brand beautiful designs from your eCommerce site, CRM system or web application.

Video Email Marketing

Video mailing is the most powerful marketing tool, seamlessly adding video in your email campaign is as simple as drag & drop, simply you can start mailing in a new way our high-converting branded emails that keep your audience engaged.

Integration and API

You can connect RightCampaign platform with external database, CMS, CRM, blog or eCommerce system with the most powerful and total flexible marketing solution and successfully grow your business everywhere.

Multi-User Account

RightCampaign makes it simple to put your entire team to work and keep them on the same page. The features enable multi-users to login to the same account with different login id for each user and assigned different role according to their relevant job permission, this way you can maintain a single account for your entire marketing team without any misunderstanding.

Real-Time Email Analytics

Measure your campaign success using real time email marketing analytics. RightCampaign allows you to monitor your advance performance report with ease.

A/B Testing

Boost your campaign results by sending emails to your subscribers. RightCampaign offers A/B bucket testing is the email campaign marketing test for better understand the subject line, sender name, content, call to action and sending day/time.

Email List Management

The most important part of your email marketing activity is improving your conversion rate by segmenting your recipient list by demographics, customer likes and dislikes and more. RightCampaign helps you to understand that desire and organize contacts so you can deliver the customised message.

Social Media Integration

Encourage your customers while integrating social media in your email marketing campaign for more information.

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