Create and Manage Multi User Accounts

Effectively collaborate on email marketing campaign and manage with your team members assigned with specific shared content permissions.

Access Control and permission management

Collaborate effectively with your team members and simply manage your email marketing accounts with multiple user logins to the same account to do their job with different set of permission to the user based on different roles: owner, admin, manager, user and viewer. RightCampaign has best multi-user account feature, you can give secure access permission to your information to the selected few.



Can do everything: add or edit or manage contact lists, send emails, or add new users or remove subscriptions


Creates and updates templates, manages multimedia, and get your email campaigns ready to send.

Marketing Manager

Create; approve campaigns for delivery, views and analyses campaigns report.


A Viewer can only login to the account and view reports and also export report file in PDF or XLS format.

Custom Permission

Create multiple users with specific access levels and permissions that match your team’s needs based on the user’s capabilities.

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