Error Free mail import

RightCampaign email verifier helps you to check the list of email addresses in bulk and remove invalid or dead email ids from your mail list.

  • Automatically identifies any syntax errors, typos and spelling, SMTP checks and much more.
  • Removes duplicates, invalid and dead emails from your mailing list
  • No-reply removal

Import Subscribers List

You can simply drag and drop a list of emails from your desktop or select a list from the RightCampaign marketing platform to upload the mail list in TXT, CSV, XLX, and XLSX File Formats.

Mail Delivery Bounce Management

RightCampaign automatically identifies and manages email delivery failure. Multiple categories of errors with most advanced algorithms. There is a mailbox check feature that helps to check whether messages to a mailbox will bounce hard or soft, mail block, unsubscribe or deliver.

Feedback Loop

Thanks to RightCampaign agreement with major email clients (AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, and others), replica rolex pearlmaster receive a notification when a subscriber hits the “spam” or “Junk” button in their inbox to sender and automatically unsubscribes their address. The list of recipients who have completed this action is removing subscribers.

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