Advanced Door Access Control with Rightaccess

Our solutions:

  • Receive real-time alerts of banned visitors.
  • Workplace Health & Safety Monitoring
  • Security Information Management
  • No cost, trouble, and security risk of lost or stolen card
  • No more swiping an access card and no security compromising

Your Face - A Modern Way of Security

Seamless Convenience

No need to worry about losing access card or mis-using the security access. “Facial recognition is the advanced access control system than access card, as it is accurate, instantly validating employee or visitors’ identity to unlock the door”.

Flexible deployment

Seamless integration with your existing access control systems and matches against any watch list, accurately in real time, with flexible system –single door to hundreds of doors in multi-facility operations.

Identity Protection

Making a highly accurate and scalable identification solution, ensure that only authorized user access secure areas, while requiring far less close to personal information than other forms of identification.

Enhanced Security

We have designed advanced technology to enhance security and safety to avoid workplace injuries, increase speed of entry, and improve the overall venue experience.

How RightAccess Works

RightAccess designed with flexibility and adaptability in mind to suit any home or office and according to the business size and application. Our modern technology door locks and access solution which automatically unlocks a door with your face.

RightChoice “Access” runs on a tablet mounted next to your door, consistently watching for people approaching.

When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces in a database, to determine possible matches in order to verify an individual’s identity to release the magnetic lock or informs your existing access control system.

If you are searching for a security system that can provide the protection from the access of the secured areas or resources, then the Rightaccess face recognition solution’s access control system is the perfect solution. Since the access controlling system is a day to day happening and consequently protection of the various resources is an important act.

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