Transform your customer service

Immediate self-service automation platform reduces the dependence on live support agents. Improve customer satisfaction, and increase the efficiency of your customer service team.

Chatbots for customer service

Chatbots can help a great deal in customer support by answering the questions instantly, which reduce resolution time, customer service costs, and increase customer satisfaction, as well as offer 24/7 customer’s support.

The chatbot for customer’s service deliver convenient, contextual support for businesses to drive better customer experience. Live chat allows visitors and customers to get immediate support on a website or app in real time. Chatbots handle thousands of customer queries simultaneously and give accurate answers instantly with multiple languages, fake watches whereas human agents can only deal with a handful of customers at a given time. Live chat has the highest customer satisfaction level for any customer service channel compared to traditional channels of service like and email and phone.

Live chat deliver outstanding customer service. With chatbots, you can handle more queries around the clock and you don’t need to hire multiple agents. Chatbots automate the process, thereby reducing costs, improving customer experience, and decreasing wait time. Customer service chatbots significantly reduce support ticket volume, accelerate issue resolution time and improve customer experience. Customer self-service automation allows customers to help themselves also empowers agents, who can now focus on issues that require a human touch.

Transform your customer service with chatbots

Agent assistant by fetching details

Chatbots can recognize and answer multiple forms of the same question and can be trained to give instant response to user and understand the intent behind the customer requests. However, there's always be situations where a human agent to take over the conversation. In these cases, chatbots provide complete detail of the conversation when an agent is needed, including order history and previous interaction, so that the agents have all the details they need to personalize conversations and resolve a customer issue quick and more efficiently, without having to repeat themselves.

Fill knowledge gaps with insights

Chatbots learn and improve customer service interaction each time from the knowledge base by simulating human like conversation and match the users’ queries with the information in real time. Identify and fix the knowledge gaps and optimize where needed in the existing resources.In some cases, if the botsunable to respond the received customerquery or request, then the chatautomate to the live human agent with insightful information that it’s missing. The teams can then fill in those gaps in your knowledge base & improve the productivity of your workforce.

Self-service portal

You don’t need to create and maintain two different knowledge bases; one for your website and one for your bot. Write a single an effective customer support knowledge base content and deploy it across your chatbot and website. In that way, you can identify gaps in the existing knowledge base and also ensure that avoid duplication.

Deliver faster, better customer service with chatbots

Automate FAQs

Train your chatbot to automate the answer your customers' most mundane and repetitive questions 24x7 and boost customer support services.

Build Multilingual

Automate conversations that engage and convert more customers in their own languages, RightChat supports 80+ languages around the globe.


Connect with your customers on their preferred channels- Your chatbot can live on 30+ website, mobile, social media platforms, SMS, email, messengers and more.

Workflow builder

Without involving human support chatbots automatically guide customers the most complex support workflow with ease, no matter how complex.


RightChat fits into your existing system, easily integrate your chatbots with your favorite tools you already use, and love to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

No code chatbots

Build and launch automated chats and discussions on your website and drive business growth without writing a single line of code with minimal effort!