Accurate and reliable time and attendance with RightShift

Our solutions:

  • Eliminates ‘buddy punching’ and time theft
  • Tracking attendance, absence, late, overtime and breaks
  • Simple, accurate verification time of less than a second
  • Reliable and secure way of managing workforce attendance
  • “Streamline rostering” – easily handles rotations and multiple shift patterns

Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Most Affordable

Efficient and flexible solution; simple pay per use system designed to meet the multiple security and control needs of businesses of any size: small, medium and large enterprises.

Clocking Schedule

Real time data makes it easy to manage staff time, attendance & productivity. Provide daily, weekly, and flexible clocking schedules to support normal, overnight shifts and multiple shifts configuration.

Accurate Detection

Fast and accurate staff recognition in any working environment. RightChoice “shift” has everything you need to effectively manage your workforce and high level of security.

Hassle-Free Payroll

Simplify the payroll integration by exporting your attendance records from RightChoice “Shift” to your preferred payroll platform in just a few clicks and stay flexible easily

How RightShift Works

RightChoice designed for organizations that manage employee shift schedules, track time, attendance and manage leaves, works with small, medium and large sized business in a wide range of industries including – Manufacturing, Hospitality, Logistics, Hotel, Retail, Healthcare and more.
RightChoice “Shift” advanced configurability, fast and easy deployment. It runs on a tablet permanently mounted as a self-service kiosk stand at the point of staff entry and exit.

RightChoice “Shift” Face recognition clocking technology eliminates any possibility of your employee clock-in and clock-out processes literally single touch and positively recognize each individual faces automatically by avoiding queues, employee frustration during peak periods. It is reliable and secure method of managing workforce attendance by eliminating ‘buddy punching’ with one look,

RightChoice “Shift” track employee time physically with an easy-to-use, cloud-based, all-in-one smart time clock solution. The accurate collection of hours worked ensures that your employees will get paid correctly.

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