Drive better customer experiences with AI

Smart companies successfully takes customer experience (CX) to the next level by using human-like interactions powered by natural language processing (NLP) and contextual understanding with AI to effectively provide a consistent quality of service.


Effortlessly connect with your customers across channels anytime anywhere

Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, Social Channels, FB Messenger, and more!

Build strong human centric experience

Zero waiting times with instant support

Automate tasks to minimize waiting time at queue lines with AI and deliver immediate response to customers. With conversation you can go beyond simple live chat with AI, bots and provide excellent on-demand 24x7x365 support your customers efficiently.

  • Improve FRT, and resolution time for a better customer experience.
  • Ability to detect and identify the user intent and generate accurate response and drive contextual conversations with your customers.
  • Deliver instant support resolution and automate the repetitive common queries seamlessly

Engaging your customers in a conversation before they reach you

Deliver proactive messaging campaigns based on your user actions and behaviour, and never miss an opportunity to start a conversation

  • Seamlessly on board new users flow with unique insights to your product or service by triggering messages at the right time.
  • Automatically send notifications to intimate users about sales price, special offers, discount coupons, limited-time deals and motivate users to action.
  • Nudge your chat bot users in the right direction based on their purchase journey with contextually bot prompts.

Simple AI to Human handoff

Integrate your bot with your live agent and provide a frictionless customer support.

  • Hand off a bot conversation to live human agents in real-time, with complete context and conversation history and significantly reduce average handle time without sacrificing quality.
  • Auto-assign the conversations to available agent based on their skill level, keywords, and load.
  • Create a friction-free, customer-centric experience in the digital age across all customer touchpoints.

Quickly connect to anything and everything

CRM integration seamlessly connects your CRM with other best-in-class tools and systems that you may already be using to provide a unified customer experience.

  • Get a complete 360-degree view of a customer and access to all user historical data, chat transcripts, call recording, and e-mails.
  • Raise customer engagement, retention, loyalty and lifetime value.
  • Messaging apps, Social channels, CRMs, NLU providers, Internal APIs, Customer service platforms

World-class NLU

RightChat proprietary NLU engine to deliver human-like interactions and create personalized customer experiences to the users across a wide range of channels. It’s 100% customized for each industry-specific and business need. With the power of machine learning and deep learning models can increase the accuracy and performance as compared to other NLU engines and reduce false positives.

  • ML trained on actual conversations across all your customer touchpoints.
  • Understand user’s previous message to provide a seamless and convenient contextual conversation with your brand.
  • Better understand the context and intent behind the queries from users by using our In-built Named Entity Recognition (NER) engine.

Empower your customers 24/7 with self-service tools

With a powerful customer self-service portal empower users to help themselves! Without agent interactions users find they answers they need, at any time day or night, no matter how or where they are.

  • Enable multichannel customer support through different channels like email, voice, video, live chat, social media and more.
  • Replace call waiting times with instant, automated chat experiences for your customer.
  • Raise self-service customer interactions with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to mimic human speech via context and intent on live chat and facilitate conversational flow.

Deliver great conversational CX solutions

Improve CSAT

Integrate AI into your customer service can immensely boost the CX to make it faster response time, reduced rework and improve efficiency to deliver better customer experience.

Reduce CAC

Helps customer retention and promotes customer loyalty, which in turn reduces the costs of customer acquisition and keeps retentions high.

Increases LTV

Encourage brand advocacy that organically increase customer lifetime-value for your business and sustains revenue growth and build strong brand awareness.

Key features of a great digital customer experience

Chabot personality

Design an effective chatbot personality that reflects your brand's identity, no coding skills required, use one of our ready-to-use templates and customize it to your needs with just a few clicks.

AI to human agent

Automate up to 70% FAQs and seamlessly hand over critical conversations from chatbots to live agents, for more complex or sensitive tasks with just one click.

Small talks

With 24/7 chat capabilities; small talks engage your customers by responding to casual conversations automatically instead of scripted robotic answers and build long-term customer relationship.


Analyse customer behaviour and actions with real time data analytics. Gain both qualitative and quantitative data insights to understand user intent to increase conversion rates and improve customer experience.

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