Advanced RightCRM System

Real-Time Facial Recognition

Real time activity for detection, tracking and recognition of multiple faces in still images or video streams and gives uncompromised performances, by using RightChoice digital technology.

Access Control

RightChoice facial recognition technology designed to be scalable, fast and accurate, while maintaining the highest levels of security, privacy and enjoy the  convenience of hands and card free access.

Time and Attendance

A simple and secured method for ensuring the time and attendance of student, staff/employee – Face image, the unique biometrics style, fulfills the accurate and reliable standards for individual recognition

Secure and Automated Monitoring

The solution monitors and sends real-time alerts to the application which helps every business to supervise data remotely, RightChoice designed innovative technology to enhance security and protection.

Why RightChoice Facial Recognition?

Facial recognition technology improved monitoring and assured protection. Capture images in real time to select unique features of the face, buy watches replica online meeting the requirements of banned people registers for club, events and schools or businesses better reward customer loyalty and saves your company money on security, RightChoice offers advanced and affordable facial recognition system.

Explore the RightChoice features that can help you to grow your business. Streamline your sales Funnel, Efficiently manage sales accounts and get insightful analytics and achieve better results, Close more deals with contact management, collaboration, marketing tools, and much more.


Facial Recognition

The software uniquely detects faces by comparing with those faces in the database and analyzing patterns based on the person’s facial silhouette.

Face Detection

Real-time or post recognition software returns events, even if there is no match or if a match is found with the face of the observed person.


The software detects fraud attempts by recognizing recorded when a live face could not be detected from image, masks, or videos etc. and alerts the operator.

Easy Integration

It’s easy to integrate with IP Camera and VMS or other management system. Rightchoice handles the integration for any custom requirement.

Independent Camera

Works with various IP cameras, even its work on previously installed camera systems.

Cloud Storage

Cloud data storage enables browser based configuration and remote viewing of events.


A data CAPTURE strategy that helps you to build, improve, and manage high quality customer data to your business.


With best practice facial recognition technology – The future of client loyalty & staff management is here with RightManage.


Build better customer relationship by using your valuable customer data through social media & email marketing.


GPS tracker’s real-time vehicle tracking feature & up-to-the-minute reports. Save money & boost productivity.

Solutions for All Industries

RightChoice designed to be solid authentication solutions worldwide for an extensive variety of industries. We build competitive solutions that join open conventions for simplicity of integration and ease of possession.


Sporting & Events



Financial Services




Gym & Fit Center


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