Run Successful multivariate testing

We make it easy and help you to improve your email campaigns, Test your subject line, from name, content and CTA, and day & time of sending the email to optimize performance, click and conversions.


Simply Test your Email Campaigns

To create an email campaigns you can use our A/B split test elements. Create and experience two variations of an element to see which one performs better, then you can automatically send the A/B test winning emails to the remaining contact list based on the success criterion.


Quick and Easy Setup

You easily setup you A/B testing campaign; depending upon which variable you want to test for the email campaign builder.

  • Select the size of your group recipient for the test
  • Choose the element to test for email campaign like; subject line or email content.
  • Set the duration for when test should run and delay for the winner campaign.
  • Choose winners based on click-through rates or conversion rates

Track the Results

Increase the performance of your future campaigns by analysing data from your each campaign and get more accurate & fake rolex vs real rolex user-friendly details report like; delivery, bounce, click rate, open rate, and unsubscribes and find differences between both A&B email versions.

Simply track growth, user engagement, revenue and the most important understand and learn more about your audience.

Maximize your campaign's performance with A/B testing