Send unlimited emails

You can send as much emails you want with great deliverability with our advanced level configuration settings – Send unlimited emails automatically, or from your external application.


Delivering message to the right person at the right time – It’s not just you are sending email to the customers, it’s more like communication between friends, take advantage of the marketing automation features to launch best and personalized email campaigns. Using detailed lists and smart segment, your messages instantly creates more engagement, more loyalty, high value over time, increase sale and generate more revenue.


Simple, Fast and Easy

Our flexible drag and drop segment builder helps you to creates and send relevant and branded emails a lot easier than you think with our advanced packed full features and you can send hard working emails in no time.

Insight and Reporting

Take advantages of our advanced RightCampaign high speed, High deliverability you can easily track transactional emails from your web applications, eCommerce and any CRM system.

Customer data – Role model of your campaign

Identify your customer behaviour – For example: Customer likes and dis-likes. Customer data platform varies depending on the industry.

RightCampaign connect with your website, hundreds of business apps and eCommerce platform you can integrate your data into RightCampaign, then the advantage is to deliver more successful emails.

It's easy to get started. And it's free