Automate customer support with personalized AI Chatbots

Deliver faster resolution and better customer service. With AI-chatbot, quickly resolve queries round the clock, in multiple languages across web, messages and voice.

Deliver personalized experiences and effective customer support at scale.

An intelligent support bot can make life much easier for agents, managers, and your business as well.

RightChat provides next-generation digital customer service platform that allows customers to communicate across multiple channels tools without any hassle. Track and organize all incoming tickets and troubleshoot your customer requests effectively to deliver exceptional customer support that improves brand loyalty and creates a seamless experience for both customers and agents.

Delight your employees

With RightChat AI-powered virtual agents has potential to handle the user’s common questions issues across HR,ESM and ITSM. This automation frees up employees and customer service agents time to focus on more complex issues and enables you to scale your support organization.

Maximize your agent productivity

Improve agent experience and productivity with advanced machine learning algorithm. Our smart reply provides response suggestions to agents so they can deliver quicker, consistent and, accurate answers to employees, and can reduce your resolution time significantly.

Meet Customer wherever they are

Deliver consistent, personalized customer support service around the world, across 30+web chat, social, messaging and voice channels effortlessly, in 50+ languages – whenever and whenever they need assistance. More? Integrate with popular software to make productive conversations.

Omnichannel customer support

Automate customer support with human-like AI

Provide 24/7 customer support in real time, address their common queries across your favorite channels and language without any live agent assistant.

  • AI-powered chatbots to serve multiple customers simultaneously without compromising service quality.
  • Uses Natural Language Processing to answer questions in understandable terms.
  • Provide better customer service and increase customer satisfaction compared to traditional channels of service like phone and email.

Seamless agent escalation for timely conversions

Proactively identify unresolved support tickets and unhappy customers, and connect them with human agents when necessary.

  • Reduce handling time significantly by automatically qualify categorize, prioritize, route and escalate incoming tickets to the right teams.
  • Combine the strength of both human and AI enable conversation to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering exceptional experience for instant chat responses – no matter the issue.
  • Faster and seamless checkout experience with confidence while you prevent returns, reduce customer churn and deliver timely, hyper-personalized information to customers.

Help your support team and customers reach their goals faster

Save time and cost

Chatbots solves common customers’ issues quickly while simultaneously reduces your human support agents’.

Improve productivity

Free up your customer support team to address more complex inquiries that drive sales and loyalty.

Happier customers

Make your clients happy. Bots lead to faster response times and increase first-call-resolution-even when your team is busy or offline.

Deliver consistently excellent customer services

Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver consistent support across multiple touch points and resolve issues faster by delivering automated responses on any chat apps.

Know your customers’ needs

Tracks, analyzes, and learn each customer’s conversation history, and use those insights to improve customer engagement with highly-relevant content.

Build lasting customer relationships

Keep customers engaged since their first interaction, create meaningful experience and build long-lasting customer relationships that drive loyalty and revenue in the long run.

Holistic Customer Support

Talk to our experts how RightChat can automate your customer support.