What is Live Chat Software?

Live chat software is a complete customer service platform that delights your prospects and customers by providing real-time customer support through live chat and improve the entire customer life cycle with RightChat omni channel online live chat software solution.

Live chat software for your business

Why do you need live chat software? Don’t wait for the customer to ask questions. Live chat software is an instant messaging platform allow customers to have direct communication with customer service agent in real time. The software quick and conveniently respond to multiple customer queries simultaneously, and give them the confidence that they can get help if they need it. The chat tool can be used to initiate a chat conversations with first-time website visitors, returning customers and support your existing customers. It is a modern, facilitates real-time contextual customer interaction support, drive more engagement and increase retention. This helps in improving customer service agent productivity and customers feel happy without making customers wait for a longer time.

Effectively streamline customer support across all channels such as business website, social media, messaging and mobile apps and more to deliver an omnichannel experience and route the cases to the right agent in the first gousing live chat tools. Implementing a live chat software tool for your business may benefit your sales, marketing, and customer support teams throughout the customer’s journey.

Start the conversations with
live chat software

Create personalized connection with your customers in real time using RightChat live chat support software. It is fast, convenient and effective offer help than any other type of customer service communication. Live chat is essentially valuable for online businesses to interact your website visitor in real time, capture customer information, reduce bounce rate, and bring down the number of shopping cart abandonment. Correspondingly, live chat gives real time insights about your customer behaviors, provide proactive customer support, engage customers at every stage of their journey and support without interrupting their browsing flow.

Stay connected to customers with effortless live chat

Be where your customers are. Deliver unified and consistent customer experience platform and streamlines communication across omni-channels at each stage of the lifecycle.

Web chat

Chat with your website visitors to generate leads and support customers on the web-chat portal in real-time.

In-App Chat

Personalize customer interaction with the assistance of live chat support software right from your account with our in-app.


Start conversation with all-in-one chat messengers - Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter and more.

Video Chat

Humanized customer interactions on any device in real time with live video chat, video call, video conferencing, and more.

Benefits of live chat software for your customer

Get instant responses

Live chat is faster and convenient because it’s always-on yet asynchronous. By using live chat, reduce the overall first response time to under 2 minutes across all your live chats.

Engage in one conversation

Have continuous conversations across all channels with live chat. The platform save past conversation history and meaningful context in threads that are easily accessible to both agents and customers.

Rich media content

Live chat customer service allows agents to share rich media files like emojis, images, videos, memes, and GIFs all have become a part of live chat conversations and it’s more contextual conversions over live chat.

Personalize each conversation

Customers expect quick response to their queries and personalize each chat conversation .It breaks down the wall between business and your target audience, and power your customer interactions with a seamless experience.

Real-time communication

A live chat software is a effective and powerful for businesses of all sizes, easy to communicate directly with your customers in real-time. It takes just a few minutes to set up live chat software for your website is surprisingly simple and it doesn't require a developer.

Cohesive customer experience

Live chat deliver consistent, personalize experience throughout the customer journey: acquisition, onboarding and better customer services. It's not just a tool for providing support. Live chat offers great cohesive customer experience at every step of the consumer buying journey.

Make your customer service smarter

Chatbot welcome message

Automatically greet your website visitors based on a set of predefined situations and filter spammy messages.

Out of office hours

Delight your customers 24x7 support for repetitive answer questions and let your chatbot do the work when you’re offline.

FAQ chatbot

Automate 65% to 70% of repetitive and mundane queries with a chatbot and let your customers self-serve.

Help in right time

Provide live chat support when it's convenient for both staff and customers. Build loyalty and trust through conversation.

Multilingual messages

Translated in more than 60+ languages, RightChat makes it easy to offer multi language customer support.

Chat solution for mobile device

Never miss a chat again. The apps is available for both Android and iOS, you get notifications and chat on the go.