Monitor your Vehicle on your Tips with Righttrack

Our solutions:

  • GPS-enabled telematics solutions
  • Easy to monitor on PC, tablet or smartphone
  • Streamline regulatory compliance reporting
  • ELD and DVIR support for real-time reports

A Complete System of Records for your Fleet

Route Optimization

Through our integrated driver terminal gadget called Righttrack On-the-Road, we give GPS route that takes drivers on the fastest and most productive course to their next destination– further reducing fuel use and expenses.

Web Based Monitoring Via Tablet & Smartphone

No more hassles of carrying your laptops around, just track your vehicles on the go, we keep you on top of things 24/7 with access to real-time tracking information about your employees via tablet and smartphone.

Real-time Dashboard

Configurable real-time updates dashboard deliver you actionable business intelligence on your mobile workforce and understand how your fleet’s performance impacts your business, customer service, and your profit.

Vehicle Online Report

Our unique RightChoice online reporting system allows you to access real-time information about your vehicles – mileage, fuel usage, vehicle service, license renewal, repairs, accidents and much more to meet your exact needs.

How RightTrack Works

Righttrack provide vehicle tracking, auto routing and end-to-end employee transport management solutions.

Fleet management solution from Righttrack – that helps you track vehicles so you can improve safety, optimize route real-time, boost efficiency and reduce costs, our multifunctional platform monitor your fleet of cars or trucks or shuttles with a “GPS based tracking system”, anytime from anywhere. Through a secured and user-friendly web/mobile interface, with our reliable services, you can focus on your core business requirements and be well on the journey of increased productivity and profitability.

Our Features

  • User-friendly, web- based interface for easy access information
  • Get near real-time vehicle location information
  • Through geo-fencing get notification and alerts when vehicle enter or exit a specific zone
  • Driver behavior reports & alerts, in-cab buzzers enable coaching to reduce risky driving and improve safety by monitoring problem.
  • Reduce fuel expenses and increase efficiency by monitoring idle time and stops
  • Increase customer experience & satisfaction by optimizing routes to improve response times
  • Comply with HOS/ELD regulations

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