Powerful Security at Professional Sporting Events with RightChoice

Our solutions:

  • Powerful technique, High Accuracy and Fraud detection
  • Security alerts and digital percussion measures around highly protective areas.
  • Monitor crowd instantly – identify VIP, violent culprits and banned fans
  • Perfect solution for sports events, concerts, arenas and stadium…

Enhance Sports Event

Visitor Alerts

Whether it’s important VIP guest, violent offenders or anyone who has been banned from entering and this alert notification sends to security staff.

Keep Out Banned Fans

Ban disruptive fans and diminish danger with RightChoice, you can make sure they won’t return, logically.

Build Fan Loyalty

Track how your loyalty program impacts fan engagement and attendance over time at sporting event.

Prevent Terror Attack

Major sporting events and concerts are high-value targets for terror. Make them safer with RightChoice.

How RightSports&events works

RightChoice “Sports&events” designed and developed for Sporting Events, Club, Casino, Hotel and Resort to recognize valued VIP guests or blacklist violent offenders.

RightChoice is a most accurate and fastest face recognition platform able to process multiple real-time images and video streams in parallel. RightChoice allows system integrators to easily incorporate face recognition into their solutions. RightChoice is design easy to integrate, possibly saving hundreds of man-hours and completely shortening ROI periods.

With RightChoice you can easily see all the fan emotions and face expressions one would expect at a sporting event: cheers of joy, smiles of satisfaction, frowns of frustration, and much more.

RightChoice is a complete solution for access control, security, surveillance and real-time facial identification with demographic analysis that proactively detects blacklist banned fans, stalkers, potential terrorists, VIPs and other guests by providing your stadium staff with instantly actionable information at the exact moment they need it.

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