Reduce the in-store Robberies and Violence with RightRetail

Our solutions:

  • Retail Crime, Preventing Violence, Robbery, and Theft
  • More powerful and accurate fraud detection system
  • Multi Store – Returning customers /visitors count with demographic details
  • Receive real-time alerts of banned customers
  • End-to-end brilliant solution for any business – Malls/Retail/Shops/Pharmacy

Increase Productivity With a Construction Employee

Safe and Secure Stores

Multi stores – Provide the enjoyable, safer shopping experience and more efficient security for your customers.

Mobilize Security

Rightretail is best for any retail business (Shopping Malls/ Pharmacy). Store security staff always know who to look for and when & where – what to do.

Real-time Intelligence

Easily identify threats – facial expressions, patterns in real-time and trends across number of geo-locations.

Visitor Alerts

Identify banned customers, VIP’s and Shoplifters, provide visitors count with demographics details and also track return customers.

How RightRetailer works

RightChoice “Retail” designed and developed for Shopping Mall, Hotels, Shops, and Retail to identify customers VIP’s, Shoplifters or banned customers and also capture new customers.

Any person enters your business or store at the cash counter and the front desk, RightRetailer easily scans their biometric data using the inherent iPad camera. It compares it with known faces in a database, to determine possible matches in order to verify an individual’s identity, if matched, RightRetailer provide that person demographic details on your screen or send notification alert to your existing access control system.

RightRetail is suitable for any business and shops which accepts customers on its premise. Our innovative face recognition software is the perfect access control system provides easy operation and quick deployment. Since the access controlling system is a day to day happening and consequently protection of the various resources is an important act. Find your way around the software in no time.

RightChoice “Retail” Recognize Shoplifter/Stealer/banned customers and make safe and secure shopping for your customers.

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