Reputation Management

Repair your business reputation

We take the internet for granted nowadays. It’s everywhere, and technology has allowed us to air our views so easily. With very little effort people can write about your company and publish it online in many forms.Because of this, companies that don’t have a strong online presence often find themselves the victim of negative reviews and feedback online. Even if they have had a good reputation offline, one bad comment online is there for everyone to see.

Reputation repair allows businesses who are the victim of negative news stories, reviews and comments to combat the damage that these cause. If someone has had a bad experience with your company and then written scathing reviews in a forum, on Facebook, or any website this can often be found when people search for you online.

We can repair your business reputation online and remove negative websites from the first page of Google and other search engines, so that when people search for you, instead of reading negative things about your company, they only find websites, articles, and social profiles that we create for you. These websites have positive and useful information, so potential customers and other businesses will be able to read good things about your company when they search for you.

We optimise our websites and social profiles so that they appeal to Google’s search algorithm. Because of this, we are able to occupy all positions on the first page of Google for your search terms. This pushes the bad websites down the page and away from view. So instead of finding negative things about your company, people find positive websites with helpful information.

We turn a negative into a positive! There are different terms for this service; online pr, reputation management, promotion and reputation repair. The result is that you have complete control of what people see when they search for you, so if you need to repair your online reputation contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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