Email Marketing

Our worry-free pricing lets you focus on growing your business.

Free Emails / Month

Every organization gets the greater of:
25,000 or 2,500 / user when using Large,
20,000 or 2,000 / user when using Medium,
10,000 or 1,000 / user when using Small


If you need more than your free allotment of email credits per month, but only sporadically, pay-as-you-go pricing lets you send emails at your own pace without worrying about losing monthly credits.

(Purchased credits last 12 months. 1 credit = 1 email. Prices exclude regional taxes.)

Monthly Plans

The more you send, the less it costs. If you send periodic newsletters or other scheduled campaigns, monthly pricing gives you a better bang for your buck.

(Usage resets at the beginning of each billing cycle. 1 credit = 1 email. Prices exclude regional taxes.)

Create, automate and send emails that perform

Vision6 is an email marketing program that allows you to create, automate, send, and track powerful email and SMS campaigns. Try it for free today!
Very easy to use and excellent customer service if there is a problem

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Automate your customer journey

Turbo charge your lead generation by setting up email nurturing campaigns designed to convert leads into paying customers. Create workflows of automated, personalised emails thanks to our straightforward email marketing system.


1. Easily build, manage, and segment your customer database

Easily create forms to match your branding and manage your database contacts in one central location. Develop rich buyer insights and lead profiles, and build segmented target lists to achieve optimal results.

  • Google AdWords Remarketing
  • Eventbrite
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • PayPal
2. Get integrated.
3. Measure your ROI with interactive reporting

Our visual and detailed reports provide valuable insights into your subscribers’ behavior. See how your campaigns are performing and easily see what works.

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