Improve Safety and Security with RightKindy

Our solutions:

  • Increasing safety and security for kids, teachers and staff.
  • Automatically send attendance notifications to parents.
  • Send real-time alerts to school staff the moment an unauthorized parent/guardians or visitor enters a school.
  • Enhance school visitor management system.

Increase Your School and Children’s Safety

Kids Safety

Enhance kids’ safety and security; every kid have their own face identification, while all together providing advanced benefits that strengthen your kids safety.

Visitor Management

Keep track of all visitors coming and going from the school premises in real time to help improve school and kids’ safety and security, also give instant alert for unauthorized access.

Notification Alert

Send notification alert to the parents/guardians that their child entered and picked up by authorized person from the school premises, attendance, holiday, notice and event etc, at the same time the system will store the information for the report purpose.

Easy Integration

RightChoice “Kindy” solution is specifically designed to integrate with an existing security system and matches against any watch list individuals, accurately and in real time!

How Rightkindy Works

RightChoice “Kindy” designed with flexibility, adaptability, and cost-effective meets the rapidly evolving situational demands of school and children’s safety, our modern RightChoice technology to secure school access points more reliable, and banned unauthorized parents or visitors.

“Rightkindy facial recognition to enhance security systems for tracking school – kids, parents, guardians, staff and unknown visitors, when a face is captured on the camera, it compares it with known faces in a database, to determine possible matches in order to verify an individual’s identity to release the magnetic lock or triggers an alarm alerting pre-determined staff to take appropriate action”.

Rightkindy face recognition solution’s access control system is the perfect key. A visitor management system that will protect your students, inform your staff and reduce the workload on the administration team.

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