Improve Security Rapidly with RightChoice

Our solutions:

  • Powerful technique, High Accuracy and Fraud detection
  • Best visitors management system for Gym and Fitness center
  • Communicate extremely with existing access control, security, time & attendance systems.
  • Enhance your relationship with your gym members

Enhance the Security of your RightGym and Increase Membership

Security Access

Eliminate queues; enjoy the convenience, safety and security of hands and card free access for all gym members and staff.

RightGym Management

Fully integrated software solution to manage your gym in a proper way with registrations, billing, contact, notifications & alerts, renewals and much more

Membership Management

Automating membership data management significantly reduces the error. Eliminate duplication of data entry since every member traits are unique.

Time & Attendance

All-in-one platform keeps record of Time, Attendance safe and secure Access Control system for their members.

How RightGym works

RightChoice “Gym” designed and developed for Gym, Club, Casino, Hotel and Resort to recognize valued VIP guests or blacklist unknown visitors.

Any member enter the lobby, Rightgym easily scans their biometric data using the inherent iPad camera. It then checks their face against your member’s database and, if matched, that members details are displayed on screen and alert that you are good to go. No scanning cards of any kind.

RightChoice “Gym” professed to have accurate performance to tackle face detection and recognition problems these techniques are the most effectively and widely used for face detection and recognition applications. It is a high performance, very adaptable face recognition software application, RightChoice “Gym” provide you most accurate and fastest results for the most demanding real-time.

RightChoice “Gym” Greet every guests by name and make them feel special

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