Automating time tracking and scheduling with RightChoice

Our solutions:

  • Contact your workers in real time
  • Access employee information instantly
  • Run payroll with ease
  • Save on labor expenses by eliminating tardiness and absenteeism
  • Keep update your staff about schedule changes and assigned shifts

Increase Productivity With a Construction Employee

Time and Attendance

A simple and secured method for ensuring the time and attendance of construction site workers, staff/employee – Face image, the unique biometrics style, fulfills the accurate and reliable standards for individual recognition.

Shift schedule

Manage employee work schedules at the start and end of each shift, staff simply approach a wall mounted tablet where they are automatically recognized.

Payroll System

Full SDK and API support to enhance seamless integration to your existing HR and payroll systems, generates all necessary statutory reports while processing payroll accurately.

Notification alert

Once you make any changes to the schedule, your workers/employees will receive automated notification alert to their devices about the next assigned shifts and this will reduce the chances of late coming.

How RightConstruction Works

RightConstruction designed with flexibility and adaptability to meet the need for any size of business, you can easily manage multiple locations with ease no matter the size of your company and the number of workers/employees you need to schedule.

RightChoice is the best employee schedule builder and accurate time tracker in construction site, easy tracking precise clock in times of large amounts of staff, especially when managing staff in multiple locations and managing shifts.

When it sees a face, it compares it with known faces in a database, to determine possible matches in order to verify an individual’s identity, if any unauthorized people try to enter in construction site this sent notification alerts to your existing access control system.

If you are searching for a security system that can provide the protection from the access of the secured areas or resources, then the Rightconstruction face recognition solution’s access control system is the perfect solution. Since the access controlling system is a day to day happening and consequently protection of the various resources is an important act.

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