Make your customer service more personal with RightCafe

Our solutions:

  • Easy to recall customer name, process order efficiently
  • Automatically added to your loyalty program
  • Avoiding queues during peak periods.
  • Create a memorable customer experience that your customers will return to and recommend to others

Experience the most Memorable Customer Service

Customer Loyalty

Get a deeper acumen into your customers spending habits and encourage repeat service with inherent support for various discount, redemption and loyalty system and urge customers to come back again and again.

POS & Payroll Integration

The RightChoice application has been integrated with multiple POS systems enabling transaction and includes the operational functionality that enhances the customers experience and streamlines business activities.

Personalised Service

Using RightManage, you’ll have personalized and organized contact records all stored in your own RightCRM (RightCapture) all your important information on every lead and customer so you can quickly find customer information to build rapport.

Daily Promotions

Your entire internal special offers, events and promotions will be displayed on the customer facing screen; customers receive promotional push notifications on their Right APP and add value.

In - Built Loyalty program

Boost your customer loyalty to surprise them every time with unique rewards that fit your business and give your customers a reason to return repeated. This in-built customer loyalty program perfectly suited for all types businesses

Goodwill Retained

RightChoice creates a robust database allowing the goodwill to stay with you and also adding powerful value to your business.

How RightCafe Works

RightChoice café designed for the digital workplace to create unique experience for their customers, improve loyalty and boost repeat business.

POS solutions from RightChoice provide secure and customizable monitor mounting. RightCafe meet both a customer facing promotional display and staff facing display. When customer come and approaches your counter within a second iPad facing recognize customer face automatically using the camera in the promotional display. It then immediately uses facial recognition technology to scan your customer database, if matched, that customer name and favourite orders will displayed on the staff facing screen, and also alerts staff if the customer has earned a free coffee, easy to add new customers to the database.

RightChoice helps café staff to process order more efficiently and rewards your most loyal customers.

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