RightBusiness is designed for businesses that want to capture / manage / market & Track their business through memorable staff & customer service.

RightChoice for Small Businesses

RightChoice provides everything a small business needs to run their sales and marketing in one easy-to-use Cloud solution.
Designed for small teams working B2B, it’s easy to set up and simple to use.

Our RightCRM software helps you work smarter, managing and tracking your leads and customers so you can get on with growing your business.

What’s in a face? Everything.

The Sign-in , Buddy clock, FOB, Swipe or even fingerprint is no longer enough. The future of Customer loyalty and Staff management lies in Facial Recognition technology. Its advantages over other security solutions are profound. Not only is Facial Recognition faster and more accurate, it provides real-time information delivery and can capture data from great distances without alerting or intruding on subjects.


Do you use time sheets, punch or magnetic cards, or even pc log-in to record staff work hours?
If so then it is easy for Employees to falsify their work hours.

This is done simply by having a workmate log on/log off on behalf of an absent Employee. Called “Buddy Punching”, this activity is very common and has been going on for as long as time based records have been used. By allowing this, you are seeing your dollars flying out the door.
The solution is so simple – get a new face recognition time clock
A Biometric Time Clock guarantees the identity of each person using it. From the day it is installed, “Buddy Punching” is eliminated and you get accurate time records from each work site. Employees have to work full hours to get full pay, and you also save a lot of administrative effort by payroll staff.


Your Marketing planning should be as alive as your projects themselves. Traditional project management has a static plan detached from the project’s changing realities. With RightChoice, you plan your projects and work on them in the same place, creating true dynamic planning.

Weather it’s for Customer loyalty, Staff time and attendance , access or security when the kids are picked up, RightBusiness has you covered

This helps you and your staff quickly learn customer names and orders, process orders more efficiently, and reward your most loyal customers without them carrying cards.