Speed up your sales cycles, close 10X more deals and increase revenue growth with RightChoice Sales CRM.

Speed up your sales cycles, close 10X more deals and increase revenue growth with RightChoice Sales CRM.

Sales force automation can accelerate business growth
and improve your team's productivity.

Automate tasks, Increase productivity, Boost sales, Grow revenue.

Attract and convert high quality leads. Generate 10X more opportunities.

Attract website visitors, convert them into genuine leads, run well-optimized campaigns, and transform your website into an automated lead generation machine.

  • Understand your visitors’ intent. Track the pages they visit and actions on your site.
  • Smart AI-powered chatbots, instantly chat with visitors in real time at any time.
  • Easy to capture visitor information you need with customizable Web Forms

Have contextual communication and reduce the sales cycle time.

New opportunities surface, personalize communication each individual customer through their preferred channels and based on their behaviour.

  • Understanding individual behaviour, interest and engagement level and a timeline of their activity.
  • Seamless customer communication across channels – phone, SMS, live chat and email.
  • Better to focus on turning opportunities into deals with the predictive lead scoring.

Drive more deals to closure, faster. With AI-Powered Insights

AI-powered real time actionable insights helps analyze the sales pipeline and helps focus on the right deals that will drive revenue predictability.

  • Find the best deals to close faster with AI-based insights
  • Get deal predictions and actionable insights with Artificial intelligence
  • Automate follow-up activities and improve revenue productivity with workflows.

Nurture your customer relationships and help them to grow their business

Develop and maintain lasting – and profitable – relationship with your customers. Bring sales, and customer support activities together in one place to help customers seamlessly.

  • Get a 360-degree view of every customer on a single platform
  • Bring sales and support actively together with the Rightdesk Integration
  • Increase revenue with upsell, and cross-sell by creating perfect sales sequence to automate sales

Why RightChoice Sales CRM

Save Time with automation

Automating the tasks within your sales process will save time, on scheduling appointments, sending sequence emails, and follow-ups to complete each stage.

Understand your customers

Get a complete view of your individual customers’ interactions in real time, segment them intelligently, and deliver personalized buying experiences.

Prioritize the right deals

The most critical opportunity is identifying real deals, prioritizing effort and suggests the next best action to nurture the deal further with richer, AI based insights.

Reports and Analytics

Real-time reports give access to important metrics such as targets, actual sales, forecasts, and agent performance assessment to drive revenue.

Sell on the go

With a mobile CRM app, team members remain connected at all times and have access to important information to respond to leads quicker. Organize your daily tasks, collaborate, and close more deals from anywhere, anytime.

Build Customer Relationships

Sales is all about forging long-term relationships, and a sales CRM tool helps in anticipating evolving your customers' needs better to deliver an outstanding experience.

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Grow your business
with a 360 degree CRM

Grow your business with a 360 degree CRM

Sales force automation that helps you sell smarter, better & faster.

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