Salesforce CRM automation features

With RightChoice Sales CRM, automate repetitive, mundane tasks and empowers sales reps to focus on creating, and nurturing leads -build strong relationship with your customers, take actions based on insights, and close deals faster.


CRM to meet your business needs

Meet your individual unique needs and your working style

Create Custom field

Custom field types are date field – Text, date/time, select the list of checklist fields and even formula fields to collect and store relevant contact information about your business.

Contact Lifecycle Stages

A contact goes through various stages or period in their lifecycle in which it performs. Create your own custom lifecycle stages based on your business process.

Multi-lingual and Multi-currency

RightChoice CRM comes with built-in support to manage transactions in the local currency and target a global audience, and eliminate manual conversation.


Create your own modules to capture additional information that is unique to your business to get more qualified and accurate data in your CRM.

Custom sales activities

Catch all activities and monitor their outcomes. Keep track of every customer interactions about sales activities like tasks, calls, and emails for every deal, appointments, and add notes in one place.


Increase sales efficiency, performance and accuracy with automations

Automating your repetitive tasks to improve your sales team efficiency and productivity

Auto-assignment rules

Automatically assigning leads to specific sales teams. By automating the process of assigning lead to respective salesperson at the right time you can shorten the journey for leads to sales.

Web form

Create beautifully designed form from scratch in minute with zero coding, or use existing web form to capture website visitor information seamlessly and generate fresh quality lead via powerful webform.

Auto-profile Enrichment

The CRM platform automatically enriches leads contactswith their social profile and publicly listed information.

Sales Segments

Create smart segments based on contact activity, and target your audience better. Segment your contacts into group with similar demography, behavior, and interest to send more targeted emails and more.

Email template

Easily design modern email templates from scratch with simple drag & drop tools. Create beautiful and fully responsive email effortlessly for multiple devices.

Customer journey

Create an effective customer journeys by connecting triggers, actions, and conditions, automate email communication with your audience and deliver personalize engagement their lifecycle.


Connect with your customers across all digital channels

Reach and engage customers over their favorite channels from the CRM


Make calls with a single click from any devices, autolog calls, call transfer, call recording and add call logs in your CRM, and capture all activity of your sales calls into one place.


Connect your email inbox with RightCRM to send and receive the right email at the right time, it’s easy to track and manage all your client emails.

Live Chat

Interact with your website visitors and build better relationships through personalized in real-time. Respond to chats directly with your customers and make more sales.

WhatsApp Business

Integrate WhatsApp business to RightCRM – Sync your business messaging with clients from WhatsApp automatically, save time and increase productivity.

SMS Integration

Reach your contact pockets instantly. Integrate your CRM with SMS provider of your choice at one click, you can easily send SMS to your contacts and support individual and bulk SMS.

Pipeline Management

Close More Deals Faster and Save Time.

Catch every opportunity to close more deals like never before.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Build and manage different sales teams and track the status of deals through each stage. Create pipelines with relevant deal stages effectively and visualize your sales processes to predict revenue.

Sales Forecasting

Get complete visibility into your pipeline and drive accurate sales forecasts. Help your team go from first call to close deal with confidence.

Smart Sales Goals

Set the objectives and key results for your sales team based on revenue and closed deals, define a time range, and keep track of your progress on achieving target revenue by using goals.

Rotten Deals

Take a look at the deals which have been idle for some time, assign a deal age and Right Choice CRM will highlight the deals that are rotting.


Get detailed action-oriented insights with visual reports. Analyze team performance across countries / regions / geographies, and get insights into all metrics.


Enhance team efficiency with workflow automation

Increase your sales productivity and save more time

Task Management

Set reminders for tasks, and schedule appointments and create to-do lists. Get an overview of upcoming activities, recent activity on the dashboard, and avoid missing on opportunities.

Auto-assignment Rules

Instantly RightChoiceCRM automatically assigns new leads across regions, teams and salespeople automatically, based on lead-routing rules.

Sales Sequences

Close more sales deals faster by automating your interactions. Sales sequences, which let you create, schedule, and track a series of automated, and personalized multi-touch outbound sales campaigns.

Automated Workflow

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline existing business processes and be more productive every day with intelligent workflows. Reduce manual error, and save time to sell more.

Collaborate on deal with slack

Grant permission to all your team members to participate in deal-related discussions. Use Slack for real-time internal collaboration and close more deals faster.

RightChat AI

Make smarter decisions faster with AI

Boost productivity and help automate tasks with the power of artificial intelligence

Lead Generation Chatbot

Create custom bots on your website and automate messages to collect visitor information across chat sessions, provide real time context-relevant information, and offer valuable content at the right time.

Auto-profile Enrichment

The CRM platform automatically enriches leads contacts with their social profile and publicly listed information.

Predictive Scoring

By analyzing your sales history, RightChat uses machine learning to identify your likelihood of winning each deal. Use RightChat predictions to win more deals that are at risk of falling through the cracks.

Predictions Contact Score

Qualify and prioritize the contacts based on score. RightChat AI automatically goes through historical data and assigns highly predictive score to each of your prospects.

Out-of-office Detected

RightChat analyses incoming emails and alerts when the contact is unavailable. Our intuitive interface reschedules your appointments, tasks, calls, emails, voicemails, and remainders other sales activities effortlessly.

Support Ticket

Support chat agent before they open a help ticket, RightChat reads the customer's request and suggests a response from your knowledge base. Click once and your response is ready.

Duplicate Detection

RightChat automatically detects, and displays duplicate leads or contacts in the CRM by matching the record field, such as name, email address, or mobile number.

Deal Insights

Make smart decisions, optimize your process, and close more deals. Analyzes all current and historical data to identify deals that you should focus on


Get action-oriented insights with visual reports

Analyze team performance across territories, and get insights into all metrics.

Standard Reports

Choose from various pre-built reports which are easy available in RightChoice CRM. Visually analyze your data in minutes and easy to track multiple metrics.

Attribution Reports

Identify the different sources that contribute to growth. Easy to track every visit your contacts have on your site and attribute every touchpoint that leads to a conversion.

Conversion Reports

Focus on your conversion rate at every stage of the funnel. Track your deals period cycle and see how visitors converted into an opportunity at every stage.

Custom Reports

Create your own custom reports to suit your specific needs, choose the metrics and dimension matter to you most, with a variety of charts, widget, pivot table and summary tables and build your custom report from scratch

Win/loss Analysis

Understand the underlying reason of your sales performance. Evaluate the entire sales process, analyze your overall win and loss rates, and make smarter decisions.

Data Governance

Define roles, responsibilities and processes for ensuring secure data access

Role-based access

Provides access control based on the role or position an individual user within an organization

Field level security

Configure field-level security for individual fields by controlling and restricting access to confidential and sensitive data.

Audit Logs

You can track and record every action performs in a workflow like create, edit, update, and delete on the CRM and get a chronological sequential order to identify which user performed what type of changes.


Manage your customer relationship on the go

Easy to access your data from anywhere, anytime and stay updated


Make your attendance, update your day-to day activities, offline meetings with your prospects and keep your teams in loop with meeting schedule using the check-in features.

Google map

The RightChoice CRM mobile app syncs all the necessary information with your Google map about your customer location, appointments and finding the most efficient sales route with accurate navigations and much more.

Make calls

Logs activity and notes when you are speaking with your clients. Never miss any information about your clients’ interaction with the contacts and never ask for the same info twice

Task automation and activity

Track and manage all your calls, meetings, follow-up on deals and social engagements in one place, wherever you are.

Gmail Add-on

Access your CRM information from your inbox. Get complete context about your contacts in one window; add tasks, schedule appointments, and make notes with Google calendar.


Discover new ways to improve your business with core functionalities

Rightchoice CRM is built to integrate with hundreds of apps and services that you use every day.

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect your API to multiple database.


Rightchoice seamlessly integrate with your favorite business tool. Extend your trust and experience by installing applications with one click.


Simply manage payments and invoices directly from contact page in the CRM by integrating with QuickBooks.


View complete customer status like billing and invoices including total outstanding balance and unpaid invoices. Do it all from within the CRM.


Bring your emails, appointments, meetings, contacts, call and tasks into the CRM using the Outlook sync.

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