Create unique and personalized customer experiences
with powerful Marketing Automation

Create better personalise experience to your customers and increase efficiency by automating your marketing efforts.


Customize the CRM the way you want

Tailor all the data you want to see in your account

Customer lifecycle stages

360-degree view of your customer - A CRM captures the various stages of each customer journey with your business from lead capturing to lead conversion.

Custom contact fields

Create custom contact fields to meet your business needs, custom fields that allow you to capture and store additional specific data about each contact to your contact database with fields and gain deep insight into your contact.

Custom modules

Create your own new modules to capture the information depending on your business need within a few clicks

Custom domain

Set up unique and professional email address in your domains to improve domain reputation for better email deliverability.

Landing Pages

Build stunning responsive landing pages for your website from scratch that looks amazing and converts well enough to make your business, or campaign successful.


Deliver value at every stage of the customer journey

Create truly personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints and channels.

Email Builder

Quickly and easily! Perfectly craft the emails with our drag & drop email builder from scratch. Create beautiful responsive design emails fast without any HTML skills.

Email Campaigns

Compose an effective marketing email and send unlimited emails to a subscribers list with just one click. Send targeted email campaigns to specific subscribers list.

Email Preference Center

Let your exiting subscribers to pick their choice of content they want to receive from you frequently.

Web Forms

Create simple, interactive web forms to get more responses. Enable your website visitors to get in contact with your business through web forms and capture higher-quality leads.

Apple Business Chat

Engage with customers directly, answer to their questions quickly, schedule appointments, resolve issues faster and complete transaction without leaving the messenger.

Facebook Chat

Easy to integrate with Facebook Chat–Create personalized connections with visitors, respond to their queries and seamlessly communicate for superior conversations from within the CRM.

CRM for WhatsApp

Create engaging conversation with your customers from the CRM and provide a unique personalized experience to each customer every time across the globe.

Triggered Messages

Proactively engage with your website visitors through different touchpoints in their journey- grab their attention by triggering relevant messages and increase website conversion rates.


Automate customer service. Get quick answers to any common and repetitive questions asked by customer at any time of day or night.


Streamline Workflow to Maximize Efficiency

Create personalized experience with powerful marketing automation features

Website visitor tracking

Analyzes the movement, actions, and behaviors of visitors across your website, for example, what they click on and how long they spend on a page.

Transactional emails

Configure crucial non-marketing emails that are automatically triggered in real-time by a predefined action, such as completing a purchase.

Predictive contact scoring

Make it easy to identify the contacts based on their activities and assigning a scores value to each contact that helps you to qualify and prioritize contacts for sales activity.

Journey Builder

Create a real customer journey, using our drag & drop journey builder to build the targeted campaigns to streamline your workflow. Automate and manage your marketing to bring customer lifecycles in real time.

Custom bots

Create bots automate conversation and interact with website visitors, engage them with follow up questions, and the opportunity to book more meeting.


Incoming conversations can be automatically routed to specific agent based on their skill level and agent availability.


Get a 360 degree view of your contacts

Using CRM get aholistic understanding of every contact, their behaviour and increase lifetime value.

Contact Activity Timeline

A chronological timeline provides you with structured view of all activities as well as a complete interaction history of your selected contact activity, get more contexts, and close deals quick

Create Marketing Lists

Create personalized marketing lists based on your campaign requirements and easily divide your audience into different group of contacts based on various conditions.

Audience Segmentation

Create segments based on contact activity and target your audiences segment based on psychographics, demographic, geographic, and behavioural to find more targeted audiences.

Event Tracking

Simply track and monitor every customer activity on your website and in real time capture all interactions throughout a customer journey.

Auto-enrich profiles

Automatically enhance leads and contacts profile details in real time with their social network and publicly available information by adding their uniquely verified email addresses.


Track your marketing performance

Turn your reporting data into actionable insight and results

Standard Reports

Build great dashboard in seconds to track key performance metrics and get organized and out of the box reports.

Email Campaign Metrics

Measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns by tracking delivery and engagement accurate metrics.

Performance Report

Move beyond traditional email metrics and track the performance of your email marketing campaigns with important key marketing analytics.

Personalize your website

Personalization increases your conversion rates by providing personalized website experiences with different content to capture the attention of the right audience.

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Create customized reports and dashboards to regularly monitor your engagement and performance metrics.


Boost website conversions rate with real-time data

Leverage conversion rate optimization see what’s really happening in your website, identifies
problems and increase the performance of your site.


Personalize your website landing page and segment to grab your audience attention and dive into the various experiments with different content to boost conversion.

A/B Testing

Create two or multiple variants of the same web page, display it to different segments of website visitors at the same time, and identify which version performs better.


Set up Heatmaps to monitor website pages clicks, track engagement level on different sections of a page and optimize website’s layout and content placement accordingly.

Session Replay

Record your website visitor’s actions and replay sessions to understand how individual users interact with your website.

Split Testing

Create different versions of webpages that help you to identify the element that work better with visitors to increase your website conversion rate.

Funnel analysis

Build funnel reports to track visitor total traffic and it helps you analyze where visitors are losing interest in their journeys through your webpages.

Form Analytics

Monitor in-depth analysis of visitor’s interaction with your online form to identify areas of improvement and increase conversions among different segments of visitors.


Makes it easy to jump into the visitor’s opinion, create customs to collect important feedback, and target a specific audience in seconds.


Control who sees what

Restrict access to information. Assign roles and permissions to specific users.

Custom Roles

Take full control over user’s access right. Control access levels and permissions that meet your specific needs.

Field Permissions

Control access to sensitive fields unit. Choose whether a user can view, read, create, edit, delete, and modify all value for a particular field on an object.


Integrate seamlessly with your favorite tools and apps to get work done faster

RightChoice CRM is built to seamlessly operate by the side of other popular business tools.

API Access

Integrate your account with third-party applications and connect to multiple data sources into one platform.


Scale with the RightChoice platform. Extend your experience by installing trusted applications with a single click.


Track and collect customer information across every customer touchpoints in real time and send it to RightChoice CRM to capture all important activities of the customer journey.


Manage and keep track of customer orders, and track their status from the details page of RightChoice CRM.


Easy to track and manage all your customers orders from the details page of RightChoice CRM.


Get access to 1000+ apps on Zapier, you create “Zaps” and automate your tasks.


Set notifications and reminders and help your team to stay organised work more collaboratively and get more done by simplifying the communication process.

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