Enhance the marketing efficiency and convert leads in to customers with RightChoice Marketing CRM.

Enhance the marketing efficiency and convert leads in to customers with RightChoice Marketing CRM.

Engage prospects better, qualify the best leads and route them to sales.

RightChoice marketing CRM helps your marketing teams efficiently design and execute marketing campaigns,
and pass qualified leads seamlessly to sales. Get the best ROI for each marketing campaign.

Engage and convert organic visitors into qualified leads. Boost website conversions rate by upto 45%.

Invite more visitors to your website, engage in contextual conversations, collect all behavioural data, and turn your website into a data driven, lead-generation machine.

  • Improve visitors overall experience by running various experiments on your website, and optimize your website for better conversions
  • Create responsive embedded Web forms on your website and capture relevant information from your visitors.
  • Setup Chatbots to engage and chat with your visitors and convert them into leads.

Get a 360 degree view of your customer interactions. Build targeted marketing campaigns that move the needle in terms of leads.

Get a complete view of every customer’s you deal with, understand their activities and group contacts into the segment and list.

  • Get a 360 degree view of all your contacts with real time insights into the activities and maximize positive interaction as well as engagement.
  • Prioritize contacts with AI-based predictive contact scoring
  • Segment your customer contact groups into Static and Dynamic Lists and send them personalized emails based on customer behaviour and properties.

Deliver personalized marketing campaigns at scale. Generate 40% more leads and 4x higher engagement.

Build customized marketing messages that strengthen campaign communications and optimize them with real-time data for better engagement.

  • Send personalized marketing message by creating curated multiple segments/lists
  • Automate your campaigns to trigger based on behavior and preferences, to deliver the right messages to the right people at the right time.
  • Seamlessly connect with customers over Email, SMS and Live Chat from within the CRM

Successfully build lead nurturing campaigns that delight customers and increase repeat buyers rates by up to 40%.

Nurture leads by creating targeted campaigns, support customers with relevant content, and build long lasting relationship with them.

  • Create an automated lead nurturing campaigns that deliver the right content at the right time based on triggers, actions, and conditions
  • Send upsell and cross-sell transactional emails to customers
  • Get a detailed breakdown of campaign analytics for a holistic view and understanding of your marketing and audience activity.

Why RightChoice Marketing CRM

Expedite conversions

Stay connected with prospects through nurturing tactics until they are ready to buy. Leverage the power of automation to eliminate the roadblocks and speed up business growth.

Improve customer experiences

Build personalize engagement by creating and analysing targeted campaigns at the right time to the right audience. Use marketing automation to provide powerful, delightful customer experiences.

Collaborate with sales

Centralize all your customer data across marketing and sales teams with RightChoice CRM sales cloud. Get the full visibility into customers, provide a simple and highly personalized experience as your business grows and evolves.

Marketing automation

Increase your marketing team productivity by automating unnecessary nurture and retention campaigns. Focus more on your strategy and let your Marketing Cloud take care of the rest.

Measure marketing KPIs

Analyze the success of your campaigns by tracking and reporting marketing KPIs. Gain detailed insights into specific data decisions that drive revenue.

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Grow your business
with a 360 degree CRM

Grow your business with a 360 degree CRM

Create unique and personalized customer experiences
with powerful marketing automation

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